FODMAPs and frequent urination, what's the link?

Answered on September 29, 2018
Created July 30, 2014 at 1:56 PM

I discovered some time ago that I am very sensitive to FODMAPs, especially fructose and fructans. My digestive problems have greatly diminished after adopting a low-FODMAP diet, but some problems still remain and I'm eager to clear this out as well as sort out any underlying issue that might cause my intolerance in the first place.

One symptom I have always had, and one that is particularly annoying, is urinary frequency and urgency (tested negative for bladder infections/diabetes). It is probably about 90% better on a low-FODMAP diet, but I notice I will get it back with even the tiniest amounts of fructose/fructans, and even when I have no or hardly any digestive symptoms. Only when I go from low-FODMAP to pretty much zero-FODMAP (which is very impractical and imho not very desirable from a gut-health perspective in the long run) do I make it through the night without getting up to go to the toilet, or do I wake up in the morning without any feeling of urgency at all.

I've been wondering if this is simply because FODMAPs tend to draw water into the colon (but why would that make me pee), or if it is a bacterial thing (FODMAP-frenzy bacteria that have somehow colonized my urinary tract and that do not show up in tests?), or what else is going on here. Does anyone have similar experiences, or any ideas on the precise mechanism? What do I do to make this go away? Anyone willing to share their succesful strategies for overcoming FODMAP intolerance in general? Any deficiencies I might be overlooking?

I am in no way overweight (BMI of about 20), my diet is completely whole-foods based, dairy-free (except for homemade ghee), gluten-free, legume-free and sugar-free. I do eat quinoa, buckwheat and white rice, none of which gives me any issues that I know of. I seem to be fairly sensitive to peppers, so am avoiding all nightshades except potatoes.



on July 31, 2014
at 09:41 AM

I can add that one other thing I've noticed is increased back pain as a consequence of fodmap ingestion... Could this be a dehydration issue?

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on September 29, 2018
at 06:05 PM

I am nearly normal now with an occassional lapse, such as today.

My symptoms seldom occur, and sometimes my urinary system does really well.

On a 13 hour flight a month ago, a slight cold seem to develop, so I drank paracetamol Lemsip, as well as water. After landing, my bladder peed for 57 seconds, which is the longest in many years.

From this and other evidence I deduce that my urinary problems were not bladder malfunction, but diet related, as I avoid foods with purines, (eg peas and peanuts), and all nightshades, as well as caffine and fizzy drinks.

Fruit sugars and oats seem to have influence as well.


on April 11, 2015
at 12:40 PM

Hi Matuyama

'hope that you are in better health now.
I have similar experience starting 3 years ago, and am still troubled with urination irregularities, including in the night, such as this week.

Perhaps you have explored foods that influence urination.
So far I have come across these labels for lists of foods:
Some foods listed for these may be fine for FodMap but affect me quite a lot.

Of course each food may only affect a single aspect of urination, and not others, so it may be worthwhile thinking separately about different urination problems, such as; .frequency
.low quantity,
.pain-sting during,
.ache afterward (either in bladder or for males in penis)
.urgency (rapid development of need to pee)
.proximity urgency (development of need when arriving at a known toilet such as nearing home).

Other possible influences include food additives of course.
'hope things go well.

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