Paelo flu remedies?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 06, 2013 at 2:18 AM

Hi, I have managed to the the flu off my little darlings I teach. I don't like taking any synthetic drugs but was wondering if anyone had some paelo friendly remedies they use.

Thanks in advance.

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4 Answers


on May 06, 2013
at 02:39 AM

Some high grade manuka honey is a gem to have in the medicine cabinet. A teaspoon in the morning may help relieve some symptoms and kill off bacteria. Love me a warm cup of freshly sqeezed lemon, ginger and honey as well on those mornings when nothing seems to be functioning.



on May 06, 2013
at 06:18 AM

Chicken soup with garlic, onion and carrots. Make sure to use the whole chicken.


on May 06, 2013
at 05:37 AM

Lots of Ginger in tea or soup and raw garlic with meals. Vitamin C never hurts.



on May 06, 2013
at 08:51 PM

Being on a paleo diet tends to prevent most colds. I've gotten no worse than just feeling a bit tired, and sleepy to just a sore throat for a few hours, never a full blown flu.

If you do get bit by a viral infection, you might want to try some elderberry extract (sambucus) as it's a potent anti-viral. You can find it as both pills (dried herb), or syrup (useful for sore throats).

Sometimes, people get infected by bacteria that have the same symptoms as a flu, but it turns out to be bacterial - typically happens with smokers, and then they infect others in the office. For those, regular coconut oil consumption will give you some immunity, though stuff like oregano oil can help a lot more if used correctly. (i.e. a couple of drops in melted coconut used to gargle a sore throat.)

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