flatulence question.. again

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 05, 2013 at 11:40 AM

I'm fairly lactose intolerant and can end up with gas and sometimes diarrhoea if I drink more than about 200 mL of milk in one go. The more I consume, the worse the symptoms.

However, I've noticed that when I have the milk with cinnamon and cardamom I get no symptoms. I've had up to 400 mL with no gas whatsoever.

Any thoughts on why this would be so?

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4 Answers


on April 01, 2013
at 05:33 AM

Probably the oils in the cardamom, cinnamon. Quick google and these links might be interesting for you





on April 01, 2013
at 04:49 AM

All I know is that cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar, so it may have something to do with that.



on February 19, 2013
at 05:33 PM

How about just not drink milk?

Dairy milk is intended for cows.


Or do what Eugenia said.

I prefer no milk, really don't need to be consuming something that shouldn't be going into my body anyways.



on February 05, 2013
at 12:37 PM

I don't know about this, but I wouldn't suggest to people to drink unfermented milk. Maybe you'd like to brew your own home-made kefir instead. It has enzymes in it to digest milk, no lactose left after 24 hours of fermentation, and it has a very strong benefit for the gut flora.

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