Too much oily fish?

Answered on December 01, 2013
Created December 01, 2013 at 3:13 PM

I was reading something on the perfect health website about too much omega 3 and fish oils causing problems and I noticed the article said 1lb fish a week as a safe limit. I eat 200g oily fish (usually sprats, sometimes sardines) every other day. This works out to 600-800g a week. Should I be reducing how much I eat?

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on December 01, 2013
at 05:32 PM

It is a big question, and IMO unresolved. If you are using a lot of chicken, avocado, pork, lard, olive oil, coconut oil,your O6/O3 ratio is nowhere around 1. Now you have to decide whether to keep that ratio at a reasonably low number, or eat more O3 than some people suggest. I think a possible answer comes from the plot reported at (originally from Landis, 1992, Fig. 3)


Basically, if you eat relatively low amounts of PUFA, you will do well with a relatively higher O6/O3 ratio. The more O6 you eat, the more balanced your ratio has to be. This can be a reason for shifting your fats intake towards grass fed ruminant fat, and reduce everything else. Guyenet in his blog suggests not exceeding 4 (or 1/4, but who goes below 1?) in any case.

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on December 01, 2013
at 03:26 PM

I think the main worry is megadosing o3 oil and making PUFA's a larger part of their diet than they should be. "Anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant" are basically marketing buzzwords these days; having a blunted inflammation response is likely just as bad as an overactive one. I think it'd be hard to overeat PUFAs with oily fish. Gel caps on the other hand...

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