Farmed Vietnamese Pangasius Fish?

Answered on October 04, 2011
Created January 01, 2011 at 4:10 AM

Hej, Do you have also this farm breed pangasius from Vietnam. We have it here in Germany. The condition are shouldnt be well in Vietnam. Except organic Pangasius.

Have you ever eaten Pangasius? What are your experience? Do you feel any bad effects after eating? Do you use some herbs or specials to equalize the toxins in farm raised fish? I add onions for vitamin c. Garlic, leek, parsley, algae and cinamon to it.Hope it boost out the negative effects.

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3 Answers



on October 04, 2011
at 05:57 PM

i work in xlpharmacy it is a tesco store in england (on the fresh fish counter) and after reading this information i am a bit worried about selling the vietnamese river fish to local customers. is this info 100% true besause if it is i am going to print it off and hand it to the head offices and try to get sales stopped. Please mail back. thanks


on January 08, 2011
at 12:16 AM

Honestly, farmed fish is always a last-choice food for me. There's no way to make up for an animal eating a poor diet its entire life.

It looks like pangasius is a kind of catfish. Catfish is tasty, but farmed catfish is not good food no matter how you spice it.



on January 08, 2011
at 12:07 AM

good choice of spices! But i wouldn't go for the farmed pangasius.Especially since wild caught fish is very affordable in Europe (I'm from Amsterdam). White fish is also very low in fat and I have to eat lots of it to be satiated. Tastes good though!

The spices don't boost out the negative effects of the farmed salmon, I reckon. Wouldn't make sense if it did.

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