Can't convince my mom eating sat fats are good

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 14, 2013 at 7:40 AM

My mom is a firm believer in the lipid hypothesis and abhors anything with the word fat in it. I went paleo about 2-3 months ago after being low carb and I got great results. With exercise I lost 20 pounds, 3 inches off the waist, lowered my blood pressure, and overall just felt good about myself. Then I got my blood test results back and my cholesterol numbers made my mom jump. Both my parents are taking statins for cholesterol and now they want me to take them too. My MD referred me to a cardiologist also. What used to be a diet of beef, pork, chicken, eggs, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, onions, celery, broccoli, ghee , almonds, walnuts, etc has now turned into fish and vegetables. I almost puked trying to fork down my third meal of onions and salmon the other day. I really don't know where I should go from here. Any thoughts? TC 373 HDL 81 Tri 61 LDL 280 Chol/HDLC 4.6 Non HDL CHolesterol 292 I'm also starting to take an omega 3 supplement because I don't think I get enough of it

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on January 14, 2013
at 02:11 PM


Your LDL is an estimate based on the Freidwald formula. The Friedwald formula is just an estimate. Please do not go on statins without requesting a direct measure of LDL via a VAP Panel.

Also, please remember that total cholesterol will measure high during and immediately after a weight loss phase. Rapid weight loss can cause hyperlipidemia in plasma (especially on a high fat diet). This is not a bad thing, and this is not the same as having "high cholesterol" but can bias the test. Try to allow for 6-8 weeks of weight homeostasis before getting cholesterol tested.


on January 14, 2013
at 11:15 AM

I can't give you a thorough reply, but please whatever you do do not take the statins.


on January 15, 2013
at 01:48 AM

As others have said, skip the statins. It's pretty bad when even the FDA recognizes that a drug can cause liver damage, but somehow still manages to run it through the system.


They also have been linked to to type 2 diabetes and cognitive issues. Personally, I'd rather modify my diet before popping a pill that would give me diabetes and make my memory any worse than it already can be! Also, statins can vary greatly in effectiveness from person to person, that's why there are a gajillion different ones.



on January 14, 2013
at 12:43 PM

Do you have a data point prior to adopting paleo? It's still very possible paleo is causing your abnormally high cholesterol, but without a pre-paleo number, it's hard to guess.

You probably could cut back on the saturated fat to get your blood lipids in order, high cholesterol is not normal, it's not necessary a death knell either.

Also, age? Why is your mom cooking your food and dictating your diet?



on January 14, 2013
at 02:34 PM

Try the information here: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/category/biomarkers/hdlldlcholesterol/

You may have some micronutrient deficiencies that can casue high LDL.



on January 15, 2013
at 06:32 AM

MD here. Your LDL is quite probably incorrect, because the Friedewald approximation only works well with TG > 100. Get a VAP. If you want to know what LDL is and what is measured in a lipid panel, read Peter Attias posts on it: http://eatingacademy.com/cholesterol-2/the-straight-dope-on-cholesterol-part-i

BTW, not all LDL is bad LDL.

CD, the first poster, is right when he says that elevated CHOL, TG and LDL is normal during weight loss.



on January 14, 2013
at 03:37 PM

Your mother said not to eat healthy? Look, even if you are on the younger side (15? how old are you?), if you can figure out how to post in a forum, you can figure out how to cook for yourself.

If you are dependent on your parents to buy your food, well then be glad they are getting you salmon. Granted, maybe it's the farmed raised kind which is suboptimal compared to the wild caught, but you could be doing a lot worse.

If you are eating salmon and onions, that's not bad at all! Possibly save your allowance to buy and keep some coconut oil on the sly.

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