Is Vitamin E in Fishoil bad?

Answered on January 28, 2011
Created January 28, 2011 at 12:29 AM

In the most fishoils here it is Vitamin E as a Antioxidant.

One is very good, i tried. Now i saw it has vitamin E. I get skeptic. Do you know on bad side effect of Vitamin E. Im sure some are sensitive on this.

I heard worse things on synthetic vitamins as supplement in General. Synthetic Supplement are a big market by the pharma industry. They try to push it on the market and promote it for better health.

Often it is better to get natural vegetables and fruits and good meat instead of synthetic vitamins.

Do you think as an Antioxident it is Good or Bad?

Actually they do much more to modern fish oil capsules, it is special capsuled with water. Its not just good old fishoil. Its high tech food technology behind. This isnt always good. They tested the fishoil by a german customer magazin and it get "very good". Its still a discussion. Now i have Fermented Cod Liver Oil, this is very pure -- with a special rough taste...:)

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3 Answers



on January 28, 2011
at 08:59 AM

Where I come from pretty much all the fish oil is supplemented with Vit E.

I think it's just to prevent oxidation and it's not a very large amount.

I'd rather have Vit E there to prevent oxidation than some synthetic preservative. If I were you I'd rather take the fish oil in liquid form with a spoon, because I've read bad things about fish oil capsules.

Sometimes the actual Omega-3 can be extremely low and the oil might have gone rancid over time, since they're not always refridgerated.



on January 28, 2011
at 07:12 AM

The intent behind the Vitamin E in fish oil is to help prevent it from oxidizing and spoiling. I wouldn't worry too much about it.



on January 28, 2011
at 02:27 AM

Generally, it's a low dose. And, the more polyunsaturated fat you consume, including fish oil, the greater the body's for vit E. Unless it's a lot (i.e., more than 30IU), I wouldn't worry about it.

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