Starting ZC from standard paleo: fiber/probiotic?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 09, 2011 at 5:40 PM

I recently have switched over to ZC (meat, eggs, seafood, coconut oil) and had concerns over the lack of fiber since eliminating the leafy greens/broccoli/cauliflower that I had in my diet before. For other ZCers out there, are you taking any probiotic supplements? Greek yogurt? Or still consuming a small amount of greens or fermented vegetables each week to help out?

I have no doubts I'm getting enough fat and protein in my diet, so this aspect is my only concern and the only part I feel will have a negative change. Thanks.



on October 12, 2011
at 02:18 PM

Just interested : why do you do ZC? Btw, like Rose says you'll probably have loose stools for 2-3 weeks, that's what I'm experiencing atm.



on June 09, 2011
at 05:53 PM

Forgot to also mention I eat liver twice a week and soon plan to include bone marrow broth

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4 Answers



on June 09, 2011
at 06:01 PM

The most common experience reported by new ZCers is looseness of BMs, probably from the jump in fat consumption. There's also, for many, fewer BMS -- every other day, or even every few days, rather than daily. So, short answer, most folks end up not needing anything for "help." Here's a thread about that.

Sounds like you're planning on eating some very nutritious food. Good for you for including liver and bone marrow broth. Good luck!



on October 12, 2011
at 02:25 PM

I've always tended to get constipated from dairy products, and it got much worse when I gave up fiber. So I gave up dairy also. Now it's just meat & other animal tissues for me (some coconut too, but I'm gonna get rid of that). Things are humming along fine now, no need for fiber.



on June 09, 2011
at 06:09 PM

I eat home-made sauerkraut and/or leafy greens/broccoli when things feel a little....full.



on October 12, 2011
at 02:16 PM

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