Familiar with "Fiber Menace"?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 09, 2010 at 2:24 PM

hey all, i remember hearing lots about this book before i was grok, when i was just WAP (weston price, for those that dont know): http://www.gutsense.org/fibermenace/about_fm.html

Then yesterday in a podcast i was listening to a podcast with mark sisson from marksdailyapple and he briefly mentioned it. i had totally forgotten about it but i thought some on these boards might be interested in it.

I havent read it but ive perused the site pretty well and talked with people who have read it - pretty sure the gist is just that fiber from grains, supplements, psyllium blah blah is all nogood for us. Most of us on these boards are prolly already down with this but still it may surprise some.

Fat, meat, veggies (absolutely no additional fiber) do me just fine. how bout you?




on June 09, 2010
at 02:55 PM

that vid is pretty rad, no? i mean, i like the guy, believe in his argument, etc but just on an adolescent level - dude is hella funny.



on June 09, 2010
at 02:32 PM

Fat seems to be a better way to go, in my experience. I still haven't read the book; only watched the videos on his site. "Money, money, money!"

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on June 10, 2010
at 12:17 AM

The idea modified for paleo/primal would be this.

You don't need insoluble fiber, and it in fact is extremely harmful (basically causes cellular damage to your intestines/colon exactly the same way as smoke particles do to a smokers lung).

Soluble fiber (just enough to feed your current gut flora) is good (Pectin and prebiotic fibers), and you don't need much.

And if you need/require fiber to be regular, your gut flora are in trouble (your stool should be entirely bacteria bodies and water, anything else in it fiber included means somethings off).

The whole gut-sense site goes way more in depth, but pretty much all issues can be solved by fixing your gut health (if its already normal just go to paleo/primal and you should be fine, if its still off than look into gut-biofilms and the info at coolingInflamation for healing your gut.)

fiber is like carbs... 100% optionala

There's a lot more info in the rest of the site, though it does sell products you can find the same stuff elsewhere as well

Gut-senses recovery program seems to all be all ingrediants listed if you want to replicate or do a paleo version of on your own



on June 09, 2010
at 02:37 PM

I try to eat a fair amount of fiber*, given fairly high estimates of what paleo people would have eaten (at least in tropical areas where we originated), all from vegetables especially leaves, and fruit especially berries, while at the same time keeping GL low.

*I aim for 50g, usually hit 30-35g.

Got to keep those gut flora happy.

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