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Back that I wasn't really sure what I???m into a fight diet I the fall in that time period injury to play Sept a status dollars collided yes there is a big difference K lash flexed my muscles it FAA with last night Muslim first picture it will look less better and the third picture which was filling in 20 2090 obvious no to October as it you can citizens slight difference between second her for the for phone was film to be more close to the camera today to meet her so gmax it let me look like arrow up somehow but no there is a slight improvement not that much is only a month compared meanwhile do came for and 411 think today did she have been results and Celeste laws that was my progression and somewhere in the next 90 I get injuries man my injuries all the injuries today suffering its style potential I say calf injuryfrom locking cake with my calf muscle notwynia and course overtraining yesterday feel that way talking about you now althea holes for local train doing is to prevent overtraining and to prevent does use the singer's you will get injured eventual shit train hard but you don't need to get engine in a way that you won't be able to continue training injuries and pain is different stuff pain is good sometimes if you used correctly pink and you really useful people nevus suffer pain cannot suffer cannot feel and really or success all people are successful had it came some sort of.


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