Inflated ferritin levels

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 02, 2012 at 9:58 PM

Although I know each case is different, I'm wondering approximately how much my ferritin level may have been inflated last week due to chronic tonsil infections. My EO% and BA% were somewhat high showing the presence of infection, tho I already knew my tonsils were inflamed at the time. My ferritin level was 28. All the other iron tests were within normal range. However, I have a history of iron deficiency anemia (probably due to taking proton inhibitors) and, almost always, the ferritin has been the only thing that showed up as low when I've been diagnosed as anemic. When that happens, I receive an iron infusion which makes a tremendous difference in my energy level within a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any idea how MUCH a ferritin level can possibly be inflated due to infection?

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on December 01, 2012
at 07:11 PM

There are many good reasons to use lactoferrin to improve immune function and as set out here by Byron Richards Lactoferrin Can Help Shrink a Fat Stomach But Lactoferrin also helps improve Ferritin levels. Efficacy and tolerability of oral bovine lactoferrin compared to ferrous sulfate in pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia"


on November 03, 2012
at 02:22 PM

A ferritin level of 28 µg/L is low whether you have an infection or not -- but to partly answer your question, yes, ferritin levels do rise in response to infections.

How much is hard to say, because nobody has ever done the work of validating ferritin levels against bone marrow iron stains or liver biopsy (which are better tests of iron status) in a test population.

A ferritin of 28 means the probably you are short of iron is extremely high, and that's whether you have an infection or not.

What was your transferrin saturation and your total iron binding capacity?

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