Does cooking 'kill' good bacteria in fermented foods?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 06, 2011 at 6:49 PM

Hey everybody, I've been fermenting some kraut at home, and I want to saute some of it with onions, apples, etc. Will this cooking kill off the good bacteria that I worked so hard to ferment? IOW do you only get the benefit if you eat the kraut straight-up out of the jar?




on December 06, 2011
at 07:58 PM

I love my kraut fresh and crunchy. Cooked kraut feels and tastes dead to me.

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3 Answers



on December 06, 2011
at 07:17 PM

Yeah, I believe a temperature over 105 degrees F will start to kill the enzymes


on December 07, 2011
at 12:13 AM

Yes, best to consume ferments in their raw state to reap their benefits.



on December 06, 2011
at 07:45 PM

Yep, sorry, I add kraut to my meal as a cold side dish or let it warm to room temperature.

The same is probably true when using yogurt in cooked recipes, but if taste is the objective and overall nutrition is fine then I don't think we'll break down your door and seize your plate if you decide to cook your kraut.

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