Why are my muscles all soft - not taunt and tight female

Asked on September 24, 2013
Created September 24, 2013 at 12:12 AM

Adult female here. I've been following the Paleo lifestyle for about 2 months. Prior to this I was on the good old-fashioned SAD. It was all wrong because I was eating way too much of something because I looked disproportionate in certain areas of my body (for ex, my booty was growing and was unsightly larger for my small frame). I could no longer fit into my regular clothing and was miserable. I heard about Paleo and have never looked back. Things are much better now where I have streamlined down and my clothes finally fit again, yeah!!! I work out 5 days a week on a split. Three days a week lifting/two days a week yoga. Weekends are for recovery. Similarly, I did workout on the SAD. My burning question is why are my muscles soft and not taunt and tight? When I was on the SAD, my muscles tone was tighter but since going on Paleo everything has softened. I know I am gaining strength as I have increased my gains each and every workout. When will the muscle development and severe fat loss follow? Results can be painfully slow if I worry too much but I would love to see all my hard work come full circle. Any suggestions/feedback? For women out there that lift and don't do anything too extreme in terms of programs does it take longer to see results? If it helps any, I am an ectomorph (someone that has a hard time building and keeping muscle). I don't want to give up on this lifestyle as I feel great. I just want those extra perks:)

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