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Asked on November 04, 2018
Created November 04, 2018 at 7:54 PM

Okay. Every single time I go Paleo (Primal), I start bleeding. And don’t stop. 

I think it triggers weight loss for me, and when I lose weight, I bleed (stored estrogen in fat cells theory makes sense to me). I don’t need to lose weight, I am already at about 20% bodyfat. I do have disordered hormones, I have PCOS (although I have a very regular cycle normally). I have had thyroid issues but a long time in the past (and I suspect it was gluten triggered), I’m okay now.


I don’t try to eat low carb. I’m coming to this from a very clean diet anyway, no sugar, no gluten, no processed foods. I managed to recover about 75% from fibromyalgia doing this, but I’m very aware that oats (my downfall) are causing me inflammation, pain, and fatigue, and so does dairy. So I really want to make this work.


Heres an average days food, so you can see I’m not cutting carbs or calories too low:

Breakfast: eggs scrambled in coconut oil, bacon, banana

Lunch: salmon, lots of veg sautéd in EVOO, baked sweet potato

Dinner: chicken, stir fry veg, basmati rice (yeah, not Paleo, but Primal)

Snacks: nuts, fruit, Greek yoghurt, sliced meat, dark chocolate


To be honest, my original diet doesn’t look much different, with the exception of oats which I ate a lot of, and maybe cheese and butter. I’m perplexed as to why I’m getting this bleeding, but I swear, this has to be about the 5th time I’ve tried it with the same results. I know breakthrough bleeding is common on Low carb diets - but I reckon I’m eating 100-150g carbs a day. I’m not especially active, I do exercise daily but not anything tough like CrossFit. Oh, and I’m not on BC, and never have been. And I’ve been thoroughly checked by an OBGYN. Nothing going on.


The last time this happened, I came off the WOE, but unlike ge other times, the bleeding didn’t stop. I ended up after a few months having to go to my GP and get hormone pills to stop it. I don’t want to have to do that again. Help!

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