Allergies plus cheap college student diet?

Answered on October 21, 2014
Created October 14, 2014 at 5:42 AM

Been doing paleo for about a year now. It's been half assed here and there (really now, because I am forced to eat the universitys cafeteria food). Ive been kinda forced more towards higher carbs and lower fat because the only non fried foods they serve are dry lean chicken breasts. I make up the calories usually with some potatoes and it does make me feel like crap, but whatever. Next semester I will be cooking myself and even found a really nice organic food shop near by. My diet will consist of (note, I am a broke college student lol):


Fattiest red meat I can find 3x a day (probably go throgh a pound or so a day)

Bannanas (1 or 2 a day, depending on workout)

Spinach (reccommendations for any other cheap greens that are easy to get down?)

Almonds (anything cheaper for high fat and calorie dense?)

Possibly Raw Milk if I can find a farm near by as well.



Now, on to the allergies. For the past 4 years of my life I have suffered from terrible allergies. Terrible sinus issues, watery eyes, ect. Most of all, fatigue. Almost always feel sick with it. Sleep is low quality because of the way I feel as well. I started taking zyrtec and it worked for a week but I feel like its starting to wear off as my sleep is getting crappier and I am starting to get a lot of mucous build up. What are some natural (drugs havent helped) antihistamines that would help? Is the local honey thing got any truth to it? I am from Texas, so EVERYTHING grows here. I've even considered ordering hook worms haha. Its really hurting my quality of life.

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2 Answers


on October 21, 2014
at 10:11 AM

Yeah eating out is definitely out of the question if you are going for a Paleo diet as a student.

I started Paleo after I graduated and I honestly cannot imagine how I would cope sticking with the Paleo diet during my student career. I might even say it would just impossible. I had no decent kitchen to cook (I didn't know how to cook either) and had not much money + I drank beeralmost every night.

If you are really tight on budget I suggest only buying seasonal vegs and fruits, and maybe bulk buy grass fed beef (store in a freezer). For breakfast I usually eat a couple of eggs and drink a very rich coffee (w butter and coconutoil)


on October 14, 2014
at 10:22 PM

For the honey question, yes it can help you, but only if the honey is raw & unfiltered.  The idea is that bees are visiting & collecting pollen from the plants in your area that you're allergic to, so eating their honey gives you a teeny dose of the allergen in a form you can handle, along with other things the bees put in there to make it all more acceptable food for their babies.  Honey is like milk in that pasteurization & filtration can destroy a lot of its medicinal properties, so if you want to actually see benefit from eating honey, do spend the extra money for real local honey. 

As for the other question about good foods to eat for a broke/busy college student, I think your best plan is to rely heavily on the produce section.  Spinach is great, but there's lots of forgotten gems there like cabbage, carrot, chard, squash, onions, peppers, etc.  People have different kinds of reactions to these sorts of veggie foods but they're so diverse that you can get a lot of nutrition if you experiment.  Do a little reading about the plant families that we use as vegetables and fruit, and that will help you pick out which ones are right for you.  Try making a habit to 'forage' 1 new thing from the produce section every time you go... You can eat them raw, or cook them with the fats you're eating, or boil them, or some combination, but they stretch out the meats and the fats really well and fill you up.  Plus you get cancer-preventing phytochemicals. 

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