What do I lose by trimming fat, skin, and the like from meat, fatty, or otherwise. And how to hack my taste buds to eat it all

Asked on June 10, 2018
Created June 10, 2018 at 1:24 PM

Other than wasting calories that could improve saciety for longer, and the underlying waste of resources. I would like to know just how important or good for you is the fat, and skin found on fatty or not fatty cuts of meat. Especifically, chicken heart. I like eating chicken hearts when all that slippery yellow fat, and the like is cut off, but can't even look at the fat without feeling queasy, let alone eat it. That applies for every piece of skin on or fat on meat.... but I also can't help but finding it a waste, and potentially detrimental for one who follows, and strongly believes in a paleo diet.


I tried to search online for ways to hack my tastebuds to enjoy the taste of fat and skin, but could only find the opposite, and couldn't find online what I would be missing on by not eating fat and skin at all. So, I would like to ask here is:

1. What exactly am I missing from avoiding eating fat and skin, especially on fatty cuts and animal organs?

2. Is it significant enough that I should make an effort to try and"hack" my tastebud over it?

3. If it is indeed worth the effort... How do I go about hacking my taste buds, and my visual/olfactive perception of skin and fat in order to avoid feeling queazy,and eventually, even find it palatable?

On paper, I have no prejudice against fat, skin, or eating the whole animal, quite the opposite....I want to eat it, and enjoy it too.... but sadly, at this point, I viscerally can't imagine myself doing it, even though I know it's the right thing to do. Is there anyone that couldn't stomach eating animal skin and fat before, but overcame this weakness?

Thank you!

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