Paleo Diet: Increasing Good Fats Making Me Feel Ill

Answered on May 06, 2015
Created April 21, 2015 at 4:53 AM

HI - I have started the Paleo Diet as a way to help manage some AI and leaky gut/stomach issues (bloating etc). however they have created some new issues. I was previously vegetarian (who never liked or ate legumes), and introduced fish and chicken to wean off grains (only even gluten free, quinoa, brown rice, wild rice etc.) I have also (as per the Paleo manual) upped my intake of "healing fats" - coconut oil and butter, chicken (organic, free range), avocadoes, macadamia nuts, organic nut butter (homemade), coconut yoghurt (homemade), coconut milk, salmon/trout/sardines, whole organic eggs etc. Unfortunately, when I eat these foods I feel very, very, very ill. I am nauseous, sick to my stomach, doubled over in pain, my stomach feels heavy, I feel disgusting. I don't know how to trouble shoot this. I am having digetsive enzymes with meals, and looked to such healing protocols as GAPS, but I am just so sick when I eat these foods, and I also don't enjoy eating them, because of how they make me feel! Has anyone else found this? I am not sure what to do from here. 

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on May 06, 2015
at 12:53 AM

I spent a large portion of my youth eating mostly vegitarian.  Sudden introductions to meat tended to have a shocking and painful effects on my body.  Have you thought of slowing down your transition even more than you are doing now?  Slowly introducing fish then chicken, adding more portions of vegatables and fruits, and slowly taking in less and less grain.  Using avacados and olive oil as flavor enhancers.  

For some of us, sudden (even months can be sudden) changes in our system can result in some serious pushback to get back to what our body knows.  Good luck!


on May 03, 2015
at 02:35 AM

Intaking a lot of fats, even healthy ones, make me feel sick too. Especially the ones from meat. I've become more skeptical of the Paleo diet as I started feeling worse and worse. Interestingly, as I lower my fat intakes and increase more fruits and veggies, my energy soars and my digestion is near perfect!


on May 03, 2015
at 04:30 AM

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your honest reponse. It's very interesting, I am having the same results as you. Even adding in (soaked and steamed) brown rice, and starchy veggies -- I am feeling so much better, healthier and not as heavy!! 

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on April 26, 2015
at 10:12 PM

Simply keep away from the foods that dont do you any good. There is no protocol that fits everyone.


on April 26, 2015
at 10:28 PM

That is a very kind response, thank you 



on April 21, 2015
at 09:28 AM

How are you taking the digestive enzymes and how many of them?  Do you take them before the meals?


on April 23, 2015
at 05:41 AM

I have been having enzymes before my meal, and have 1-2 with each meal. 

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