No desire for plant fats?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 05, 2012 at 2:05 AM

Does anyone else have no desire to eat plant fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, most nuts, etc. I could eat animal fats all day, including dairy, all of which agree with me very well. When it comes to basically all plant fats though, I have no desire to eat them. I was just wondering if this is true with other people, and if this could possibly mean anything?



on March 05, 2012
at 03:15 AM

Great answer! This is why I stick to CO and beef fat for my fats -- low omega6. I go out of my way to avoid them.

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8 Answers


on March 05, 2012
at 02:30 AM

Most plant fats contain large amounts of O6 pufa's (excepting coconut oil, and maybe palm?). Nuts, in addition to O6's, carry other anti-nutrients. Then finally, nuts are highly dense sources of calories, and very very tempting to over-dose on. So I personally I am not logically driven to eat them, though I don't go out of my way to avoid them, except I do go out of my way to not keep nuts around the house except perhaps macadamias.

So, olive oil, coconut oil, macadamias are what I personally keep on hand for plant fats. YMMV.



on March 05, 2012
at 03:15 AM

Great answer! This is why I stick to CO and beef fat for my fats -- low omega6. I go out of my way to avoid them.



on March 05, 2012
at 02:36 AM

I couldn't do without some avocados or coconut oil although I don't buy as much CO as I once did. I cook with olive oil but mostly lard I rendered or grass fed butter. I guess you can do it but I I couldn't just eat one way unless it was comiong out of famine and had little choice. I have choices and like some of those things you want to avoid. I don't see a problem, but I am a big proponent for learning to cook and dishes from Spain and France are way to good to pigeon hold them back.



on March 05, 2012
at 02:19 AM

Funny you should ask. The only item on your list I'm still enjoying is EVOO, which I paid a fortune for but which was definitely worth it. I'm still miffed that stuff's being sold that claims to be EVOO and yet it's still clear after 24 hours in the fridge!

To be honest, though, I never wanted more than tiny amounts of most nuts, pistachios being the exception, and I can't seem to acquire a taste for avacado. I was over 60 when I first tasted it and maybe it was just too late. Ychh. A tsp of flaked coconut a few times a year and I'm good. :-))



on June 02, 2012
at 06:30 AM

I used to use olive oil for it's supposed health benefits but I'm not very keen on it so I very rarely use it. I have only rarely used coconut oil and I'm not sure that my body can handle it? I did use large dollops of it though so maybe I should try easing into it? I'm not interested in eating other non-animal fats.
I'm allergic to milk, so I don't have cream or butter.
I get on well with pork and beef fat and will quite happily add it to meat. I also add egg yolks to meat.
I eat the fattier parts of chicken (I dislike lean) but my chicken stock has to have all of the fat removed or I find it revolting. I can eat loads of lamb fat on a piece of cold lamb but I am not so keen on the same joint of meat if has just been cooked (it even sounds wierd to me!)


on June 01, 2012
at 09:26 PM

the only fats i can get down with right now are fatty pieces on meat or fish and egg yolks. sometimes i ll do a little roasted ground pumpkin seeds but olive/coconut/nut oils and the thought of an avocado make me seriously ill. i did used to have a taste for these foods but no longer. if i had a source i am sure some raw cream/butter would be absolutely delicious



on March 05, 2012
at 10:05 AM

I'm exactly like you, I even stopped buying olive boil because I just don't use it. I only use coconut oil when I make mashed sweet potatoes or a raw carrot salad, other than that I use butter all the time.

I never crave nuts and don't feel good when I eat them.

I could live on dairy, and made the experience that I'm leaner with dairy than at times when I tried to exclude it.



on March 05, 2012
at 05:54 AM

I enjoy eating seeds and nuts but cannot stand oils, even EVOO. I break out in hives every time I use even quality organic nut and seed oils. But my body is so sensitive that I cannot have avocado, ghee, butter and coconut oil - I get a reaction.



on March 05, 2012
at 03:29 AM

I totally understand this actually, but I do love plant fats for variety. When ravenous I instinctively go for animal fats, like egg yolks, meat and ghee. But coconut is great and avacado is a nice side dish. :^)

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