Need some more fat sources?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created January 12, 2012 at 3:17 PM

Hi everyone I'm a 40yr old with about 40lbs I'd like to lose. I run 3 times a week and do free-weights 2X a week. I'm in my first week of eating paleo-and have lost about 7lbs already (I know this is mainly water weight, but I still love it!) I do have celiac disease, so have been gluten free for 3 years already, so this isn't quite as big of an adjustment for me as others. I did start getting into the gluten-free breads and other replacement items and started to gain weight, so I decided to give up all of that also, and paleo was just a quick hop and skip from there, so I decided to do the 30day challenge. I'm trying to keep my overall fat intake at roughly a 1-2-1 ratio for saturated-mono-polyunsat fats. I need some more fat choices other than meat, eggs, olive oil. I have an almond intolerance (severe stomach cramps within 30min or so) and have what is called a latex fruit allergy-the biggie here for me is no avacado. I have been eating quite a few pecans lately, but would like some more ideas. Thanks Jennifer



on January 12, 2012
at 07:37 PM

Yup, don't go out of your way looking for 'fat sources'. You can always boil a few bones and add that as gravy to whatever you're eating if you're feeling undernourished though :)


on January 12, 2012
at 07:18 PM

Thanks Everyone I was cutting out dairy for the 30 day challenge with the intention of adding a little back in. Unfortunately (or furtunately) my nasal congestion has almost 100% cleared up since starting the diet-I'm "blaming" this on dairy. So basically the takeaway is to stick with meats, veggies, and fats normally used for cooking and salads and not worry about other fat sources for now?

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on January 12, 2012
at 06:33 PM

That's waaay too much polyunsaturated. Just eat meat and eggs and skip the rest. If you want more fat, eat more yolks or choose fattier cuts of meat.


on January 12, 2012
at 03:52 PM

Hi! Her eare some good things previously posted that should be helpful in addition to what others may post: http://paleohacks.com/questions/tagged/fat#axzz1jG5PJBIg

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on January 12, 2012
at 03:44 PM

Animal fats like lard, tallow, mutton fat, goose fat (bad omega ratio, though) would be best.

Another fatty friend from the plant realm can be cocoa butter. Unfortunately its pricey and reminds some people of the sweet stuff they have hidden in the dark worlds of their fridge.



on January 12, 2012
at 03:24 PM

It's got to be coconut surely? Though I'd also see if you can get more animal fat rather than eating jars of coconut oil. And you probably don't need to be adding too much fat - I hear you've got 40lbs spare :o) Some more fibrous veggies may be a more natural way to feel full if needed.

Also, do you have problems with dairy? It's more primal than paleo but personally (unless it upsets you) I'd rather have a variety of sources rather than be stuck relying on just one source for anything.


on January 12, 2012
at 05:06 PM

What about Greek yogurt? I know meat fats would be better for some of your ratios, but personally I have found full fat Greek yogurt satisfying to my stomach and taste buds, and a great way to improve my fat intake as I've eaten more paleo.


on January 12, 2012
at 04:46 PM

Do you need more types of fat, or do you need more dishes with fat in them?

I'm in a conversation about adding fat to the diet on another forum, and here's what I posted there. (Please note that I am not paleo, just paleo-friendly, so some these suggestions do contain dairy. Please feel free to ignore them if they won't work for you.)

EDITED TO ADD: Coconut oil might substitute for butter in some of these suggestions.

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Coffee: I allow myself a cup of real coffee each morning, and then some decaf throughout the day. I have sworn for years that I'm a "black coffee" person, but a few weeks ago I found myself adding cream, and it makes a big difference! Cream in hot tea--herbal or regular--will work, too. Some people add unsalted butter to their coffee instead of cream; I sometimes substitute a homemade chocolate candy that I make with butter. (So far I like the cream better, though.)

Salads: Make sure your salad dressing has some fat in it. Make a vinegar and oil dressing, or simply toss the greens in oil and salt. (My grandma used to make her spring salad this way: fresh greens, chopped green onions, and the dressing. We kids couldn't get enough of it!)

Cooked veggies: Since I went on Atkins, I've been adding butter to nearly all my vegetables! I've just now started saving my bacon drippings, so that I can add bacon grease to my green beans and cooked greens.

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on January 12, 2012
at 03:27 PM

Welcome to PaleoHacks :)

You could stop eating nuts if your trying to lose body-fat, they are doing absolutely nothing for you.

You could add Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk. Cook with Coconut Oil, not with Olive Oil, as OO is not good for cooking.

Now you have:




And Olive Oil

You should get used to eating Paleo over the next couple of months, I think your weight will adjust positively during that time.

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