Issues Digesting Fats?

Answered on January 13, 2017
Created December 22, 2016 at 7:46 AM

I am experiencing issues with digestion for a few months already. I hoped they will disappear but they did not. My stool are yellowish or very light brown color(they used to be perfectly dark brown) and never well-formed. Having looked online, it seems to be fat digestion issue.

My diet mainly consists of bodybuilding foods because I do weightlifting. Bacon, eggs, beef, rice, lots of veggies and I also make kefir, eat kimchi with some of my meals.

I suspect it is lack of bile that contributes to abnormal stools. In addition, I have trouble sleeping through the night, always waking between 2-3am. Having went to the doctor, the only abnormality is slightly elevated ALP at 145 with upper limit of 129. I also have issues with my skin, it is somewhat like mild-moderate acne on my face and shoulders and oily skin. To top everything up, I have brain fog and lack of motivation, anxiety that is somewhat persistent and won't go away. I feel better after heavy lifting but it subsides back to this somewhat moody state after 2 hrs.

Having suspected liver issues, I went with trying out supplementing with milk thistle(no effect except almost immediate headache), swedish bitters(made stool somewhat normal but stopped working after a week), curcumin(so far nothing changed). It is not IBS(I had literally zero inflammation from stool tests), not gluten sensitivity(test result came back with 0.0 antibodies, i.e. none of them). Suspecting lack of fat digestion, I thought maybe fat soluble vitamins will be in deficiency but 25OHD test came back at 130 nmol/L and I don't get much sun and use no supplements.

My weight is 75kg at 1.75m with 15% BF. I am strong in the gym for my size but don't feel very well in day to day life.

I am a bit at a loss because I definitely have abnormal digestion and lack ideas on why it might be occurring. Appreciate any advice.

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3 Answers


on January 13, 2017
at 10:12 AM

Maybe you're eating at the wrong time.  I've been reading this book about body clocks, and the digestive system runs on its own clock.  This means that if you eat out of sync with your digestive body clock then your stomach won't be ready for food. Sorry I can't remember the exact science very well, the book is called Internal Time. Might be worth a shot, just eat when you're hungry, if you're a night owl like me then shift meals to later on in the day. 


on January 05, 2017
at 11:01 PM

Age could be a factor. I have many similar issues. If you only recently (months) developed poor fat digestion, it points to pancreas &/or liver problems. Since bloodwork is normal, excessive fat in the diet could contribute. Pancreas function impacts hormones which could explain brain fog ( and why age might be a factor.). Adrenal insufficient can indirectly affect liver&pancreas function...And explain your symptoms. Regarding ox bile, bile contains many steroidal detergent-like chemicals, some of which will enter the blood and be processed in unexpected ways like sex hormones so take sparingly if u choose to try it. Since your condition is pointing to an underlying endocrine issue, I hesitate suggesting bile supplemnts. A diy approach is to change the diet every 5 days or so...Did u see a GI specialist?



on December 23, 2016
at 10:49 PM

That's an easy problem.  Supplement with an Oxbile pill or two before each meal that contains fats.  If you take too much you'll wind up having to go to the bathroom.  Usually one is enough unless your meal contains a lot of fat.

Like this: https://www.amazon.com/Nutricology-Bile-500-Vegetarian-Capsules/dp/B0002JIUDS/

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