I randomly can't digest any fats unless they are from dairy products. Anybody have clue as why?

Asked on August 24, 2017
Created August 24, 2017 at 4:36 AM

I can't seem to digest any fats except for butter and cheese. I used to be able to eat all fats no problem and eat like 2,000 calories a meal while intermittent fasting. Now I seem to get extremely nauseous from even small amounts lard, tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, and any meat high in fat. It's like the food/fat sits inn my stomach for hours slowly bloating my stomach until I puke. I also get extremely weak when this happens to where I can barely stand. I also get very cold.

I'll often eat small amounts of other fats to try to adapt to them. All that ends up doing is making me loose my appetite for a good 6 hours plus. I also seem to get bad circulation and feel pretty cold. 

Strange thing is I've been doing low carb for over a year now. I was eating other fats when I first went low carb for about 2 plus months when they randomly turned on me. I've tried slowly adding the fats one at a time into my diet but they seem to make me even more nauseous every time. Also I can gorge on butter and cheese with no problems. 

I'd go back to higher carbs but I get really depressed eating carbs for whatever reason

If anybody has any clue as to what the he'll is going on it would be greatly appreciated. 

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