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Asked on November 21, 2017
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Excuse me in advance for bad English.

I was "playing" with nutritiondata.self tracking, trying to find someway to get enough α-tocopherol without enriched stuff and/or messing with PUFA's nor oxalates. I tried to maintain O6 as low as possible and then added sunflower oil to met α-tocopherol minimum in order see how PUFA levels stayed, I was surprised to see this:

Oil, vegetable, sunflower, high oleic (70% and over)

This oil has only 3,8 g of PUFA per 100g and 83,6 MUFA.

I thought It was an error on the oil profile, but looking for other sunflower oils found that high oleic ones (about 80%) were around 8% of PUFA, and then I found that high oleic high stearic varieties existed and they were around 4% PUFA.

This means that a significant amount of these oils or these seeds could form part of a low and balanced polyunsaturated fatty acids diet (even high fat) and what's even more exciting, that high levels of α-tocopherol could be achieved easily without supplementation (Wich is the only thing I can't get enough from my diet).

But, I can't find were the**** get these oils or seeds, the 4gram ones. Here in Spain there's a company of HSHO oil but it seems it's oriented to industrial use, and I can't even find non refined cold pressed High oleic oils.

Anyone knows?

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