High Fat = High Histamine??

Asked on March 01, 2019
Created June 24, 2017 at 4:02 PM


I've been on the Paleo type diet with relatively high fat intake for the past 5 months.  While I got rid of almost all fat on my body (I've never been this thin), I've developed major food sensitivites especially after lately falling in love with the Bulletproof coffee and having two of those coffees per day.

In a matter of one week, my usual breakfast consisting of 3 eggs SSU with veggies made on a pan with a tablespoon of coconut oil and Bulletproof coffee stopped complying with me, i.e. one hour after eating I'd experience major brain fog and fatigue.  I stopped the eggs and continued the BP coffee and things seemed to be ok except all veins on my arms would be showing and I'd have trouble sleeping.  I'd have the occasional ringing in my ears as wel, which is one of the sypmtoms of high histamine.

Fast foward two weeks. I am not drinking any coffee at all and all I'm strictly adhering to Paleo protocol but still have blood shot/dry eyes when I wake up in the morning, trouble sleeping (can't sleep longer than 6 hours no matter what) and occasional release from my nose, which I realize are all symptoms of histamine overload.

My question is this:

Can high fat consumption or cooking all meals on coconut oil cause this?  I really miss the eggs in the AM and lately even having Avocado causes those issues. :-(

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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on July 05, 2017
at 01:49 PM

These are symptoms of glucose deficiency. Eat some sweet potatoes and white rice at each meal and your health will return. 




on July 17, 2018
at 12:41 PM

Izabela are you there?


on June 01, 2018
at 11:23 AM

You inspired me to look for the high fat diet and histamine intolerance I sat for days searching through a lot of information
I have read all possible articles and pages about it. This trail and your answer allowed me to combine many facts. I'm trying to recover my health.
Thanks to your suggestion I combined my problems with high estrogen level> high histamine> probably gene mutation MTHFR and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome > problems with cortisol / stress hormone> thyroid problems.

I'm 2 years on high-fat diet and discovered my basic basis of the problem and the mechanism of action that drives my illness!!! I can not believe it!!! because I know how many people it brings to health benefits..... and I am 1% who do not!!!! :( All my diseases, hormonal disorders began to "come out" on a high-fat diet

Do you use any medications regarding this histamine intolerance?
Do you use an anti-histamine diet? how does it look like?

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