Not sure if paleo is the right diet for my current health issues, need advice :)

Commented on November 04, 2015
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Hey guys,

so I'm currently on day 5 of paleo things seem to be going ok so far, I suspect my body is still adjusting though I feel better today than I had been a couple of days ago. I suspect my transition phase is not as bad as some experience as I already gave up wheat about 4/5 months ago.


Let me give my health background, I am currently a 22 year old Enlgishman, I was always a very fit young person sometimes doing up to 4 hours of exercise a day as I was really into fitness especially boxing.


When I was 20 I went on an 11 month trip through South America, within the first month I caught a stomach bug in Peru which has never really gone away since, I habe since taken tonnes of tests for my dodgy bowels, with no prevail and the doc says I probably have ibs. In spetember 2014, 7 months into my trip after 4/5 weeks I was hit REALLY hard by a virus (later upon returning to the UK turned out to be mononucleosis/glandular fever). I was really weak I had no energy to do anything, I was often too weak to go to the shop or cook my own meals so had to make do with ordering take-aways.


After about 3 and a half months of this I decided to return to England from Medellin Colombia. I was heartbroken as I had fallen in love with Colombia and my girlfriend was also from and lived there.  Since returning to the UK my health didn't improve (hardly) until about 8 months in when I cut out wheat, started eating more raw veggies and ate less carbs, (still had maybe 4 rice cakes a day and 3/4 white potatoes). Despite feeling a little better I was nowhere near my old self and it would still take a lot of energy to do pretty basic things such as socialize in a group bigger than 3 or study for more than 30 minutes.


I was just about well enough to start working part time, 15 hours a week at a bicycle shop. However due to pressure from my parents who said they would only pay for me to do a (Celta) teaching course if I took it in July despite my dodgy health. This was a very challenging and stressful course. At the same time I was told by my parents I had to move out of the family house, so I went and lived with my brother.

At my brothers house sleep was very hard to come by as he is really into the party/drugs/drink lifestyle plus he has a big dog that didn't allow me to sleep.


Before you know it within 5 weeks of moving in I suffered a relapse from my already pretty weak state, it was like getting mono all over again, I had to call in sick for work for the next 6 weeks and even upon returning I felt really bad. I still just about managed to finish and pass the teaching course despite a lot of absences.


In regards to what doctor's were telling me thoughout this time, well for the first 5 months of being sick my blood tests showed my liver enzymes weren't at the right level. Also even now almost 14 months later my spleen is still enlarged and has shown no signs of reducing in size in my frequent scans. I also still have swollen glands in my neck and groin. I suspect that my body is simply really bad at beating this virus and that is why I have so many symptoms, I also suspect (though I could be wrong) that my liver is still messed up as that I think could be the only reason my spleen is still the same size (enlarged) 14 months in to this illness.


I currently as of 7 days ago am in Colombia, I had some money saved so decided to get away from the stresses of London and the upcoming winter to be in sunny South America with my Colombian girlfriend for a few months. Despite people thinking it was not a good idea, I was determined to do it and decided I could focus on recovering my health out here, so here I am, I've been here a week already and am on day 5 of paleo.


In reagards to how I feel right now 5 days in, well energy level as of today feels more stable although my general energy feels lower and I have quite bad brain-fog, even worst than usual. Although I do my best to stay positive as always as that also benefits health :)


Supplements I currently take daily:

-6 tablets of sirulina daily (met a crazy hippy lady who wears by them xD )

-1000mg of vit. C

-1000mg if Coq10.

-1 cod liver oil capsule

-5 sprays of colloidal silver(although I haven't this last week, I'm looking for somewhere to buy it here in Colombia)

-4 tbsp of coconut oil (same as above, haven't this last week)

My questions would be:

1- Does the paleo sound suited to helping me recover from this virus, I ask because mono has reputation for being hard on the liver, I have read that eating a lot of fat (which you do in paleo) can be hard on the liver.

2-Since starting paleo, I have been sleeping a lot more, usually 9- 9 and a half hours, where as before I would sleep 7- 7 and a half hours a night. Should I be worried about this? Or is it just that my body finds it easier to get the sleep it really needs now I'm on paleo?


Any advice or help you guys might be able to give me would be much appreciated :)

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on November 04, 2015
at 04:27 PM

Hi, a concious carb paleo would be good.. meaning you get enough throught the day. you want to manage you insulin/blood sugar just right.. to do that you have to eat ratio of about 1:1 protein to carbs at every meal, with unlimited paleo fats, you dont have to be high fat, moderate is best, and eat at least every 4 hours. cut out all sugar and stay away from caffine as it with further bother your digestive system. supplements that with really help are

Vitamin d3 1000 iu per 25 pounds of body weight

also magniusm glycirate is a very good idea for everything health related. very powerfull supplement and very much needed by everyone

get a B complex take one in the morning and one at night

calcium d glucarate.. will help detox and support your liver( this is real research on this helping)

all of this should help, dont worry about your sleep, get as much as your body feels, it will change time and time again throught your life and circumstances


on November 04, 2015
at 07:03 PM

Thanks for the reply,

Interesting point about a 1:1 ratio of carbs to protein, I imagine that is closer to what I was eating before starting paleo, as I already avoided all grains (apart from a little rice), all I had for carbs was a few rice cakes a day, maybe 4, and 2-3 small boiled potatoes, with loads of veggies, protein and quite a lot of peanut butter which I was using to keep calories up.


I'm on day 14 of quite a strict (low carb) paleo diet now, with very little carbs, can't be more than 40g a day, to be honest my energy levels have dropped I feel less able to do slow/moderate exercise and get tired out quicker + more brain fog on the whole. I have been consuming sufficient calories in the range of 1700-2000 a day, I weigh 134 pounds and am 172cm tall.


I'm pretty sure i'm in ketosis now as a few days in my pee started smelling real funky haha. I thought ketosis would help boost my energy levels but it seems not.


Out of curiosity what's your reasoning behind taking up a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs ?

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