Mental sluggishness after yoga training

Asked on April 27, 2014
Created April 27, 2014 at 12:53 PM

I went to a yoga training on friday which went relatively well. Didn't really feel tired during the exercise or soon after it. But in the eveaning a kind of moderate exhaustion and mental-fatigue hit in. The following day I had problems with concentration, had a moderate headache, felt mentally slow and generally weak , but overall it was rather a psychological feeling than physical. Today in the morning I was feeling a little bit weak, but now physically I feel very good. Though I still feel a little bit sleepy and my cognitive processes are slightly impaired.

The day before yoga I slept well, but the two days before it I slept like for 6 hours each time, so this probably somehow could contribute to my present state.

Now my question is what could it be and how worried should I be? Does it sound like overtraining or overreaching? Perhaps my muscles already recovered, but my nervous systems didn't, because either it needs more time or is already in the state of overtraining? I am having yoga two times a week, another one on tuesday, so I still have two days for further recovery. If I feel well on tuesday, do you think I can go?

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