HIT training forearm fatigue

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 02, 2013 at 1:45 PM

I've been doing the Body By Science HIT protocol for a few months and saw an up in numbers for a little bit, but recently I've hit a wall. My pressing exercises are fine i.e. leg press, shoulder press, and chest press. My pulling exercises, on the other hand, are having trouble. My forearms/grip strength is starting to give out before my lats/traps/delts on the lat row and before my lats/biceps on the lat pulldown. Should I up the weights to make it more likely the larger muscles fatigue first or equally? Or maybe do some forearm/grip strengthening isolation exercises at high intensity? Thanks for any help!

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3 Answers


on April 02, 2013
at 03:55 PM

Your grip will adjust/improve over time. You shouldn't be getting huge callouses in your hands, I find that holding the bar between my first and second joint is better for pulling exercises and having it all the way up at my palm, but that's just me. You could look into gloves too.

You could also work the farmer's carry with dumbells or kettlebells into your workout routine, which does wonders for grip. So do dead lifts.



on April 02, 2013
at 03:43 PM

There's also something called "Captains of Crush" to improve grip (which is what foreveryoung isn't a fan of, ha).

This can help improve your grip and give you some nice forearms (think about it, it's possibly what people see the most of).



on April 02, 2013
at 01:58 PM

You're gripping the weights too much. You should let them rest in your palms. Don't grip the weights tightly though. That's why a lot people get tendonitis doing curls and such. Just let the bar rest there.

Also, this happened to me when I first started lifting. Your forearms will adapt and get stronger just like the rest of your body. I don't like direct forearm training. Just use a thick bar when you have the opportunity and don't use straps and stuff. Fat Gripz are getting popular at the gym I go to. Fapping is another way to build forearm strength.

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