Had pasta - passed out! What happened?

Answered on May 22, 2016
Created May 21, 2016 at 12:44 PM

Hi all!  21 days ago I quit sugar and started an almost paleo diet. The only exception I make is that I allow myself oat.

Overcoming the sugar cravings have been hard. 

Yesterday I discovered some cheese in the fridge and decided to make macaroni with some grated cheese and spinach. Being on a budget I didn't want the cheese or pasta to go to waste. I know it's not the best food but it's hardly poison either.

I had a bowl this cheese/pasta/spinach meal. 

About 1-2 hours after I had the pasta I felt a bit tired and lied down on my bed to rest for a a short while. I had plans to go out later. This was about nine in the evening.

I was completely overcome by sluggishness and obviously fell asleep, even though I hadn't been tired in the least earlier in the day (was energetic, thanks to my new diet!) Also I didn't want to go to sleep and I normally don't fall asleep in an uncontrolled way like that.

At four in the morning I woke up and realised something very odd had happened.

I had some very vivid and strange dreams as well.

Was this a freak thing or did I have some strange reaction to pasta, i.e. wheat after clearing it out of my system for 21 days on paleo, and being off sugar?  Was it a one-off  do you thing or will this happen if I break the paleo diet?

Similar things have happened to me a few times when I have overdosed on ice cream in the passed (*blush*). I.e. a whole tub of ice cream in one go. But a bowl of pasta, come on!!!




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on May 22, 2016
at 09:02 PM

Pasta is made from wheat, so it's not paleo. Neither is cheese.  Do not eat them.

You clearly had an insulin overreaction to it.  Your blood glucose went up from the pasta (having a bowl of pasta is equivalent to eating a bowl of sugar), and then insulin was triggered to prevent the very dangerously high levels of blood glucose from causing nerve and eye damage.  However, likely too much insulin was created, so it wound up bringing your blood glucose down too far, and you passed out.

You might have heard of "food coma" - you know, feeling sleepy after lunch, same idea as that, but what you experienced was much more intense.

Stick to real foods and avoid huge carbs and you'll be fine.

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