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I am really struggling trying to find answers through conventional doctors.  Maybe someone here can help.  A little background:  I am 54, thyroid issues for which I;ve been taking Armour sine 2011, and slowly gaining weight over the last ten years to where I was 25-30 poiunds overweight. My biggest issues have been fatigue and muscle aches. My ob/gyn transitioned to functional medicine a few years ago, and did some genetic testing (I'm adopted) which showed me to be APO E3/4, which means I should avoid a high fat diet, but I had forgottoen about that.  Last year my  pcp got on me for my cholesterol, and recommended a low fat diet and more exercise. How to exercise when a long walk would wipe me out for 2-3 days?  I tried and felt worse.  On the advice of my chiro, I switched in January to a paleo diet.  The improvement has been remarkable.  I feel much better, lost 10 pounds and my cholesterol is all within normal ranges for the first time in a long time.  So that is all good!    But I checked in with my ob to discuss my thyroid, since I was wondering if the change in diet might change my needs for medicine.  She got all over me for eating paleo!  Said with my genetic marker I shouldn't be eating this way.  But I feel great!  She then told me that Armour is not what I should be taking for the type of thyroid issues I have.  My thyroid is all over the place.  Things that used to be high are now low, and vice versa, but why has she had me on this for 6 years?  Currently everything is okay except my TSH, which is 0.01.  But that is a different topic.

My main concern is eating paleo, which seems to really work for my body, but possibly not for my brain.  I'm wondering if there's been any new research to show if the danger of saturated fats for APO E3/4s is when that fat is eaten in conjunction with inflammatory foods.    

I am in the process of switching all my doctors, but trying to find docs who are paleo literate and take insurance is proving hard to do.

Thanks in advance.

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on April 07, 2017
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Forgot to mention, I did have a calcium and carotid artery scan done over the summer.  Calcium scan score was 0, carotid artery, less than 1, both of which are excellent.


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