why am I not in ketosis?

Answered on February 15, 2014
Created January 28, 2014 at 3:50 AM

I am eating a ton of fat in my diet. I have eliminated my diet today, to just fat and protein and I still feel bloated. How and when will I know if I am in ketosis? Should I just forget paleo all together, since I feel that I am gaining weight?? PLEASE HELP!!

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5 Answers


on February 15, 2014
at 09:46 PM

The ammonia smell is unreliable. Not everyone will have it, and not everyone who has it will be able to smell it. It's like how people can't smell their own bad breath. If you really must know whether you are in ketosis, get a pack of "Ketostix" urine test strips from the drug store.


on January 28, 2014
at 05:05 PM

How are you testing for ketones?


on January 28, 2014
at 03:17 PM

First of all, how much protein are you consuming? Protein is the number one culprit in the prevention of ketosis on very low carb diets. Believe it or not protein does get converted into glucose, so a sufficiently high (above 1g/kg or 0.45g/pound of body weight) protein intake will inhibit ketosis. And a "ton of fat" is not required to be in ketosis and lose weight, a normal amount goes a long way. People often mistakenly think that more fat is better, not necessarily. Only eat until you are satisfied and no longer hungry, don't force yourself to eat more to be in ketosis, that makes very little sense.


on January 28, 2014
at 02:56 PM

One indicator that you are in ketosis is if you notice an ammonia smell - typically after exercising or sweating more than normal - or the taste of acetone. Doesn't happen for everyone, but it is a physical indicator. Different for everyone, but it usually takes 2-3 weeks to hit ketosis, and then only if you are pretty religious about what you are eating. However, eating right over the long haul is more important than anything else. You *will* lose weight eventually if you simply keep your calories under your BMR, and stressing about this is not a healthy relationship with your food.


on January 28, 2014
at 04:45 AM

erinamy, relax! don't give up. This is a journey, not a race :) I myself lost 40 pounds, repaired my immune system, and got rid of an autoimmune disorder, all in about 6 months time.

First thing, tell me what your current diet consists of. Some common things that could cause you not to lose weight: 1. Too much fruit, nuts, or starchy vegetables.

2. Not enough fat in your diet. (eating tons and tons of protein alone will cause you to feel exhausted, your body needs fat to burn as its energy source).

3. If you are exercising, stop wasting time on cardio. Cardio really burns very few calories. Weight lifting will burn WAY more, and no, if you are a woman it will not make you bulky. The hormones in most women's bodies do not produce massive muscle mass in the way that men's bodies do.

Lastly, if you are working out, you might want to measure BMI instead of weight, since you will gain a little bbit of muscle weight.

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