Upping The Fat...Intake (Because I need 15 characters apparently)

Commented on June 08, 2012
Created June 07, 2012 at 9:11 PM

So I'm doing a ZC diet for a week (thanks so much to Melissa HGL for her advice!) and a bunch of problems have resolved. This is my second day on the day as I screwed up Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday, was perfect. No GERD issues whatsoever.

Here's the problem:

I upped my fat intake considerably, and for lunch had two lamb shanks (or maybe they were legs) braised in beef broth. Reflux. I'm wondering though if my probiotics http://www.renewlife.com/ultimate-flora-critical-care-50-billion.html

Or Digestive enzymes http://www.enzymedica.com/products/Digest_Gold

Or my HCLhttp://pureformulas.com/betaine-hcl-180-caps-by-pharmax.html

Caused it.

Could it have been too much fat? Too much cellulose (which Melissa pointed out is a FODMAP)?

Also, could stress be a factor (Mom in the hospital, friend's father passed away)?

No more bowel troubles by the way on ZC--I had also asked a similar question, and two people kindly answered it, but one said to up the HCL which I'm not sure is a good idea, and the other said he never had upper GI problems



on June 08, 2012
at 06:49 AM

I second ROB's comment. I can eat a lot of fat, but there comes a point where it's just too much for my stomach to... ahem... stomach, and I get uncomfortable "backwash".



on June 07, 2012
at 09:52 PM

My acid reflux improved when I lowered my animal fat consumption.

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