Trying to increase my fat intake!

Answered on April 19, 2014
Created April 19, 2014 at 5:40 PM

What can I add? I have a histamine intolerance so a few foods are obviously out i.e fish and avocados.

I'm from the UK if that matters and currently have some coconut oil, Olive Oil (although thinking of cutting it out as worry about rancidity) and egg yolks

I have a issue with dairy so stay away from that and am getting sick of coconut oil :)

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3 Answers



on April 19, 2014
at 09:32 PM

i get most of my fat from coconut milk, coconut oil, butter, and fatty meats. i save all my bacon fat, too, and make "bacon fat balls."



on April 19, 2014
at 06:10 PM

Frying in beef tallow and lamb fat can be quite safe if these are from grass fed and

synthetic hormone free animals. Lot of toxic substances get stored in animal fat.

Butter is known to have high amount of estrogen.

Coconut oil and palm kernel oil do not have the hormone problem.

Coconut oil is the best oil for increasing metabolism and tons of other health benefits.

Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and i have read that it acts like antihistamine .


Palm kernel oil has good amount of medium chain Lauric acid, just like coconut oil.



on April 19, 2014
at 06:04 PM

Eat fatty meats and put fats on your non-meats, E.G. Veggies, carbs. ( Butter, Olive oil )

Add fatty fruits/nuts, E.G. Avocado, Coconut, other nuts. ( Limit )

That being said if you are going heavy ketogenic you may have to really go overboard with the oils and nuts to get your calories up.

If not and you eat a decent amount of carbs it shouldn't be too hard to get your fat to 50% intake calorically.

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