Trouble with certain (fatty) foods + doc didn't help

Asked on June 28, 2013
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Hi everyone!

Long time reader here. I have a problem with certain foods and I've been researching and trying a lot of things, none of them helped so far. Maybe one of you can help me? :)

Background (I try to include everything that might be relevant, which is why it's so long):

Two years ago I tried (partly successful) to gain some weight so I started the 5x5 Texas Method and adjusted my food intake. I drank 400-500ml of rice milk + 50-70g of peanut/almond butter - every day. As you can imagine, I gained weight pretty fast.

I was young and stupid and mainly didn't know that it was a bad choice (I couldn't drink milk because I suspected a lactose intolerance, so I switched to rice milk, because we didn't have any almond milk around here). After stopping, I wanted to get back into training (I had an achilles tendonitis for a few months and couldn't really workout) and tried out my weight gaining formula again (this time with almond butter + rice/hazelnut/almond milk, since I found a source). My body couldn't handle it at all. I got instant diarrhea, gas and bloating.

At first I suspected an allergy (I sometimes have a slight pollen allergy so I suspected a cross contamination), so I just cut out nuts out of my diet. Then I started eating clean: lots of greens, lean meats and healthy fats (mainly avocado). After a couple of months: I got sick and my GI was completely messed. I found out that it was caused by the avocado (I didn't eat a lot, mainly a half or a whole avocado per day and not even every day). Went to the doc, (sorry for the image) got a fecal test to get tested for any kind of bacteria: nothing. Blood test didn't show anything as well. After some time I started having the exact same reactions to bananas - again doctor, this time I wanted to get tested for allergies. Doc did some sample blood work done, IgE (I'm pretty sure that's the one, I don't have the doc with me at this time) was pretty high (normally between 0-10, mine was around 100). During this time I lost all the hard earned muscle and got pretty skinny.

Went to an allergy doc, did some more tests: got tested for nuts, avocado (directly on the skin test) and milk etc. - no allergy for nuts, avocado, milk protein - all negative. Allergy doc told me histamine could be the problem - with which I wasn't happy and went to a gastroenterologist.

Got an endoscopy, came back negative as well. The gastro doc just told me I had something like IBS but in my stomach (wtf) and there wouldn't be a cure. Additionally I now have some gas in the evening and in the morning and it feels like something's off (although this part could be stress related, but I'm not sure).

To summarize:

  • can't eat avocado, nuts, bananas, bacon, some cheese (tried on cheat days) feel weird too (result is gas + diarrhea)
  • lost some weight and I have struggle gaining weight because I can't eat fatty foods (can't get a lot of calories without carbs)
  • gluten isn't the problem (got tested + cut it out of my diet)
  • I get gas in the evening and in the early morning (if I'm stressed out a lot, even during the night)

I suspected and tried:

  • leaky gut syndrome - tried dosing between 40-80g glutamine every day for 10 days (didn't help)
  • alkaline powder
  • 4-5g omega 3 (pharmaceutical grade) a day, because I suspected that my omega 3: omega 6 ratio is off (I don't even know whether this is possible)
  • Medicinal clay against the GI problems
  • Cat's claw + peppermint oil (this is against crohn's + IBS)
  • Bacteria is messed: prebiotics + probiotics (as supplements and also as greek yoghurt + sauerkraut)
  • cut out gluten completely
  • I tried taking digestive enzymes (myprotein and source naturals) - didn't handle it that well or didn't show any sign of improvement.

So far nothing helped or improved

I know that the losing weight part is a red sign for any kind of nasty disease and sickness but I feel it's mainly correlated to the fact that I just stopped eating a lot and in combo with the digestive issues I lost the weight.

It's so annoying because I'm eating very clean with maybe one cheat day (or 3-4 cheat meals) per week. I work out 4-5 times per week, my energy levels are good. Sex drive is high (didn't know whether this was relevant haha), mood isn't a problem either.

Any help is appreciated, sorry for the long post. If you have questions, let me know.

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