Sugar binge, then fast?

Answered on March 13, 2014
Created February 20, 2014 at 10:35 PM

I certainly do not make a habit of binging. I don't even have a "cheat" day or meal because I'm someone where if I let myself have a little I'll let myself have a lot. But on the unfortunate circumstances where it does happen, what do you recommend in recovery? Fasting, working out, higher fat/protein content in the next meal?


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4 Answers


on February 21, 2014
at 03:26 PM

Whenever I eat too many carbs I make sure to fast until dinner the next evening (24 hours) and I do some intense exercise when I get up in the morning to burn off the sugar, I know these two things help with stabilizing the excess sugar in my system.

I have a strange symptom, if I eat carbs I get sweet saliva, it's like my body telling me it's sweet enough already, i think it's something to do with insulin release as at times just thinking about eating carbs it starts kicking in and I hear this can happen with insulin.

I know if I have that sweet saliva it means there's excess sugar in my body and the things I need to do is fast/exercise until it stops/until my sugar level stabilizes, then i restart high fat eating once I feel my insulin is lowered as the only food that doesn't cause this symptom is fat. Its a blessing and a curse as obviously I can't tolerate sugar which is a bitch, but a blessing in that I can read my body so easily.


on February 21, 2014
at 02:17 PM

Binges usually leave me with a feeling of intense hunger the next day (probably sugar crash). Even though I have plenty of energy, I feel really hungry, and trying to fast often leads me to more bingeing. I think the best way to recover is to eat light foods during this hunger, like soups and fruits, which are easy to digest and hydrating. Then gradually you can return to normal meals when you feel right. Also, chamomile tea helps hydrate and calm inflammation after a binge.

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on February 21, 2014
at 06:32 AM

My best advice is : fast (or work out or whatever) if it does feel right for you, not because you think you have too! Listen to your body, it knows better :-)

Some days I eat a lot (this can include ice cream and sugary foods), and the day after I eat almost nothing because it comes naturally. It may look "unhealthy" but it does work well with me. Actually I'm kind of following a type of warrior diet, not eating too much during the day and having a big meal for dinner.

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on February 20, 2014
at 10:43 PM

You could try fasting, but to set yourself up for success, the best way is to go back to your normal routine. You may find that you tend to cheat a little bit for a few day before you can get totally back to your former perfected diet. Sometimes trying to be too strict with yourself after a binge backfires and sends you back to that place, making you have to start all over again anyway. Stuff happens, no need to punish yourself for it.

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