So what's the deal with this "Density Bulking" and "Strength Accumulation"??

Commented on January 07, 2013
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I've recently been trying to accumulate as much info on Carb Back-Loading as possible in an effort to gain lean mass and strength. Unfortunately due to monetary circumstances I cannot purchase the ebook, and to be honest the price seems outrageous, books like Nourishing Traditions/Good Calories, Bad Calories are much less expensive, and extremely long/informative. But I've literally been reading every article from Keifer's very first article, copying them to a word document, and highlighting the important info and nutritional/physiological vocab, as well as looking at the cited studies to see if they were misrepresented.

Ok, that was a lot, let's get to the point. I wanted to take a quick look at the forums to get some templates, then I come across people talking about not only choosing between Carb Nite or Carb Back Loading, but Density Bulking and Strength Accumulation and even Carb Backloading 2.0..... just when I thought I understood the premises of CBL in depth enough to start it this week, now I feel lost again.

Can anyone give insight on this please? I feel like Density Bulking is incorporating "mini" backloads on rest days, but i'm not quite sure. Also, I would like to continue fasting for the health benefits, and I haven't listened to Keifer's podcast on that topic, but his templates of diet seem to only go about 12hrs max no food. Could I bump that up to 14 or so then break it with fat+protein?

Thanks for any input as well as the many responses I've received previously.


on January 07, 2013
at 05:07 AM

alright will do haha. I was really thinking about making a post on the forums but I felt like they'd all be like "purchase the book and you'll know" but I can't! lol. But I guess I'll first do some more digging around and then ask keifer/the forums



on January 07, 2013
at 02:33 AM

This is a group of Paleo junkies some of whom may or may not be familiar with this protocol. Since I am, let me suggest that you may be best served by asking John Kiefer himself on his fb page or in his Dangerously Hardcore FB group. You may get some speculative responses here but the DH group on facebook knows their stuff.

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