Slight nausea after fatty meals

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 04, 2013 at 3:19 PM

Does anyone else get a vague unsettled stomach/ slight nausea after a particularily fatty meal? I experience this for an unpleasant half-hour or so after eating a whole avocado, a couple of porkchops with all the fat on, 5 or more slices of bacon, etc. No reaction whatsoever from the same foods in smaller quantities. It's a bit confusing to have my body telling me it's enough, when I'm just trying to give it enough energy for my lifestyle??.



on June 05, 2013
at 02:53 AM

This can be normal for some folk with high fat meals. I just stop eating when I am full, so I never get nauseous.



on June 05, 2013
at 01:25 AM

I eat a fair amount of carbs, mostly in the form of fruit, but I try to make sure my body is in practice using fat for energy as well as much as possible.



on June 04, 2013
at 10:24 PM

excessive pork fat-{dont kill me for saying that-bacon/swine lovers} personally i can only handle so much. Past weekend I made my first pulled pork which came out absolutely amazing but i could only have a little bit. And the next day didnt feel like it at all. Its just too rich and fatty ..best to be enjoyed and savoured as you say in smaller quantities. If your body needs more energy are you sure youre consuming enough carbs..?

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3 Answers



on July 17, 2013
at 06:46 AM

If you're just starting on eating this way it could be your entire digestion system adapting to it. Several people (both researchers and laymen) have reported this issue and that it takes up to six months to fully adapt to digesting fat (possibly also a higher amount of protein) instead of carbs. I've tried the same with tallow where I could get reflux if I had it in large quantities but now I don't really experience anything.



on June 19, 2013
at 02:28 AM

Sounds like a gallbladder issue. Maybe not producing enough bile to emulsify the fats. Try taking Now super enzymes or look for a enzyme supplement high in the Lipase enzyme. Enzymedica has a fat digesting product. You can also try ox bile.



on June 05, 2013
at 02:17 AM

I'm not a health care professional, so keep that in mind, but my good friend experienced similar symptoms as a result of having a gall bladder problem. She would eat meals high in fat content, and then swiftly feel nauseous or gassy. It might be worth looking into that as a possible cause. Gall bladder removal is laparoscopic and a swift recovery, FWIW. Here's to your health! :)

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