Seeds and an upset stomach

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 21, 2012 at 6:54 PM


So I've recently been introduced to the wodners of seeds (like the munchy seeds and nut doctor brands) and I've fallen madly in love.

Only problem being, I've not had... ahem... my usual movements since I've started eating them. I know they are high in fat, and lets just say this is visually apparent after I've been to the loo .. :/ I can easily overeatg them though (I've eaten 500-700 cals in replacement for lunch when at work without realising it!)

Anyone else have this problem? Recommendations?

(I know, I know. I should stop eating them for a couple of days and see if things change. I'm just in denial. They're soooo good..)

Thanks lovely people :)



on May 21, 2012
at 06:58 PM

wodners is like wonders only, better..

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on May 21, 2012
at 09:54 PM

Yeah, I'm sorry to say, but seeds do not differ greatly from grains with respect to digestibility; they're rather harsh on the intestines. If you're incapable of limiting them to a handful as a snack, it's probably best to avoid them altogether. I do the same thing with nuts: "Oh sure, I'll only have a little. 30 minutes and 2,000 calories later. That was a fair bit of walnuts. . . ."

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on May 22, 2012
at 02:02 PM

i put linseeds / flaxseeds in my smoothies (it gives my smoothies are better consistency) and it helps to fill me up (fibre), i have read that it is beneficial to soak them for 12 hours before eating (so i put them in water now, and it is really important to ground them (i blend them in my smoothie) they should never (linseeds) be eaten whole, they must be ground to get the nutritional benefits otherwise they will just pass thru u. So soak seeds and ground them to make them more digestible.



on May 21, 2012
at 09:36 PM

Seeds are harder to digest than nuts, and what you don't chew doesnt digest any further than that.

They are super easy to over eat, I wouldn't recommend making this a meal, just keep it a snack of 1-2oz, chew them well and bring something else to snack on if you have to.

Maybe try making your own 'trail mix' of nuts/seeds/coconut flakes/dark chocolate pieces,.....any combo you wish so you don't overeat just the seeds.



on May 21, 2012
at 07:20 PM

I don't eat nuts and seeds - I overeat them and then I get upset stomach :(

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