Ruminant Fat: What makes it taste good or bad? Give us your datapoints!

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 24, 2011 at 8:09 PM

I thought this question about tallow tasting bad was so sad :( The tallow I get usually tastes fine or even good! But I have bought animals that didn't taste that great. What do you think makes the difference? If you know this stuff, let us know where you get your animal fat, what breed of animal, what age/season it was slaughtered at, and where it was raised/any supplemental feed it received, and finally what the fat tasted like.

  • Goat: Glynwood Farm in Cold Spring NY, slaughtered when young (only 35 lbs) in the spring, completely pastured. Fat was VERY good, about as good as lard. Unknown breed, but from meat stock (not dairying) used to clear pasture.
  • Lamb from Delhi, NY: completely pastured slaughtered when 6-7 months (60 lbs) in fall, kind of gamey, but not bad.
  • Lamb from Ithaca, NY. Tunis breed, around 4-5 months, butchered in autumn. Fat was pretty good.



on July 25, 2011
at 05:31 AM

Any farmer and/or butchers on PaleoHacks to answer this one?

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on July 24, 2011
at 11:56 PM

New Zealand lamb was tasting pretty meh for a while but now it's beyond delicious. Probably grass content of the diets. Barley-fed Alberta beef tastes like cardboard except for the best cuts but grass-fed tastes great.



on July 24, 2011
at 10:14 PM

I'm guessing it must relate to the type and quality of feed the animal ate. We had a meal of the most flat dead tasting meat ever in Mexico recently, yet it was probably "grass fed".

See it at www.marthabob2u.blogspot.com because I am not a computer guru and can't figure out how to add it here.

The dogs didn't seem to mind it!

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