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Commented on February 04, 2012
Created February 04, 2012 at 1:26 AM

Does anyone know how saturated the fat created by de novo lipogenisis is.

Does it not stand to reason that the fatty-acid-profile of our dietary fat maybe should match what our body creates for us to use all winter?


on February 04, 2012
at 01:35 AM

Mike, please don't pretend to be someone else. I know you are Mike. You were banned because your original question was deleted and instead of re-wording it to be in line with our FAQ, you posted a question titled "Jesus christ the moderators need to learn to read." Since you used a fake email address, I couldn't contact you about your behavior. You are now banned. Posting "questions" like that is unacceptable.



on February 04, 2012
at 01:31 AM

That's interesting and plausible. We do metabolize certain fatty acids to other fatty acids, like much of our stearic acid to oleic acid, but there are still some implications to be explored.



on February 04, 2012
at 01:30 AM

Hey someone only has to ask a question 5x and have their account deleted to get something to post. Awesome.

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