Post workout protein shake with some kind of coconut

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 08, 2013 at 12:24 AM

I workout in between my classes and have no means of accessing an ideal paleo meal because of my busy schedule. Would it make sense to just consume a low sugar protein shake mixed with some kind of coconut fat (milk/oil) for my post workout meal? This will be my only meal supplement of the day. The protein powder will provide me the protein and the coconut will provide me the fat.

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5 Answers



on June 12, 2013
at 02:59 PM

Fat is actually not optimal in a post workout shake...you want just pure protein (and carbs if you want to put on muscle) because the fat can inhibit the body's ability to utilize the protein at max efficiency (no sources to back this up but just from previous research).

If you just do the whey shake (although a few eggs could work just as well), no need to add any coconut.

...not EVERY paleo meal has to have coconut =)



on March 09, 2013
at 01:41 AM

I just worked out and had a shake of coconut milk, some coconut sugar, proserum whey, and goat mineral whey. Fatty, slightly sweet and about 10g protein. Tasted great too.


on March 09, 2013
at 12:26 AM

Hard-boiled eggs or jerky. Both easily portable.


on March 08, 2013
at 11:30 PM

I work out between classes too and have been looking for something to eat post work out. I haven't found anything that works yet... but i've been thinking about going for the protein powder. What type of protein powder are you planning on using? and if so would you pre-make it home and just take it or put it all together at the gym? Sorry for answering your question with a question. I'll let you know if I come up with an alternate easy post work out meal. Thanks.



on March 08, 2013
at 12:31 AM

If your choice is that or nothing, then that's a good choice.

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