Overfeeding: Starch vs Fat

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 03, 2013 at 10:53 PM

I am going to go on some serious overfeeding to get me thyroid rolling and gain some serious mass. I will try to eat like I have never before but which of the energy nutrient should I overfeed on?


Potential Cons:

  • Constantly elevated insulin, and glucose
  • Whole foods = higher fiber = stomach issues

Potential Pros:

  • More lean mass to fat ratio gained
  • Larger, fuller glycogen stores
  • Increased insulin sensitivy
  • Higher insulin = more protein shuttled into muscles.


Potential Cons:

  • Elevated cholesterol numbers in the long run
  • Nutrient poor (ex. a cup of tallow compared to same amount of kcals of potatoes)
  • Poor energy source for high intensity activity
  • Could potentially interfere with glucose metabolism, making glucose handling worse?
  • Stored as fat easier.

Potential Pros:

  • Easier to overeat
  • Doesn't produce as much ROS (cleaner energy source)
  • Bad for the thyroid?

Now I know a lot of you here support a high fat diet, but I personally go back and forth between high fat and high starch but never in a caloric surplus. I do eat quite a bit of calories but I burn threw them quickly so I am looking to go on a serious overeating phase where I would be consuming at least 4000kcal.

There is a large amount of evidence that very high starch diets actually increase insulin sensitivity, and a high fat intake decreases it. A high starch diet is proven throughout the world to be healthy and has a good track record with athletes as well. High fat diets are rarer but it doesn't mean they aren't healthy. However, they are rarely used by athletes or people with high caloric demands. Baring in mind that I want to be as healthy as possible when doing this (I am not going to be chugging down a whole gallon of milk anytime soon) which energy source would offer the best health in an overfed state?

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2 Answers



on May 04, 2013
at 09:33 PM

Never mind, I think I have my answer. If anyone's interested: http://suppversity.blogspot.de/2012/03/if-you-go-high-carb-you-better-go.html


on May 05, 2013
at 06:14 PM

Real Whole Foods. I cannot stress this enough, Its very hard to go wrong.

I try to plan my meals towards what id realistically find in Nature.

Im not going to have alot of sugary fruits etc at the same time as Fatty/Protein rich meal, as I wouldnt find that often in nature.

I also dont do the Fruit/Starch unless ive been working/working out heavily. but then when I do, its the whole meal.

I personally dont know if theres any real science behind the food combinations, but Personally my stomach/energy both thank me when I keep my Sweet/Starch separate from my Protein/Fat.

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