new to paleo could i have some guidance

Answered on August 17, 2013
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hi, i'm a paleo newbie, after reading Robb Wolfs excellent book i switched to paleo diet mainly for diet reasons as i was finding even though i'd been wheat free for around 10 years i was having more and more food problems, and food had become the enemy! Now with additional side effects of massive fat loss, my passion for food is back in a big way, which is great. After being on paleo for nearly three months i'm starting to struggle with the protein, fat carb balance, where after the initial carb flu my energy levels grew, i'm now finding them dropping alot, continuosly hungry, and very often cold even in warm weather. Ive started to strength train again and have introduced some carbs, organic brown rice, i also eat a fair amount of sweet potatoe.eat nuts to snack on with some dried fruit, loads of eggs with veg, an apple and banana each day. Any guidance would be appreciated, i think its maybe a problem with not enough fat for energy? Now i'm a fat burning machine! Many thanks.

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Welcome to Paleohacks!

Please remember that Paleo is about eating wholesome, nutritious foods that we are designed to eat by nature.

The most important part is to stay away from sugar, processed foods and industrial oils.

Everything else is pretty much covered under Paleo umbrella:

Cordain's Paleo // Mark's Daily Apple Primal // Weston Price // Perfect Health Diet

My personal advice: try eating 5 times a day. I know, many Paleo followers would disagree with me, but if you were hypoglycemic and did not know about it, it is a sound advice. Keep your sugar level in check, no fruit.

Also, do not eat after 7:00 PM for gut bacteria.

Try to have at least 60 to 70 carb grams per day, don't go too low on carbs for the first month or so, see how it goes. I would avoid all fruit and all dairy as well. Nuts and eggs are fine if you are not sensitive to them.

Good luck!

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