Moderate Protein/Moderate Carb/Moderate Fat?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 01, 2011 at 1:28 AM

So someone's question partially asked this but I figured I'd fully ask about it...

Do you think a moderate protein, moderate fat, moderate carb diet could work once you become leptin sensitive? If you are an active crossfitter and work on your feet all day would reducing fat while keeping protein up and upping carbs a bit (if you are already VLC) possibly work for dropping body fat?

I eat VLC, high fat, and have not dropped any body fat in a while (if you see my other questions I am constantly asking about pushing through plateaus)...just another thing that had crossed my mind and wanted to ask!




on October 01, 2011
at 02:26 AM

Exactly what I do. I'm at about 30-35% of calories from each macro when I track.

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2 Answers


on October 01, 2011
at 01:57 AM

All you can do is try it. Finding your perfect macro ratio is key to pushing through a plateau for me. I would say that this is what I do, but I also calorie count.



on October 01, 2011
at 02:06 AM

I think a moderate across the board macro-nutrient proportion can certainly work. For those wanting to lose weight, I personally think carbs should probably be reduced. Activity levels affect the macro ratio as does the number of calories (for those trying to lose).

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