Low Carb-High Fat and KCal Needs?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 07, 2012 at 6:01 AM

If I wanted to enter ketosis, how many calories would a 5'9, 140lbs muscular woman need to drop the last 5lbs of fat?

Knowing that Carbs are more metabolically active, and knowing I lose weight steadily around 1-2lbs a week following a 60g carbs, 170g protein, the rest fat (at 1500kcal daily)...how many would that be at around 20-30g carbs? I have seen that ketosis lowers your BMR (which is the opposite to how some people feel that if you're not eating carbs you can eat as much as you would like).

Any thoughts on this?

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5 Answers



on February 07, 2012
at 12:09 PM

That is a lot of protein. From what I understand, your body will convert excess protein to sugar and may keep you out of ketosis (reference - Nora Gedgaudas, "Primal Body, Primal Mind").

I am restricting carbs (50-70g per day), moderating protein (60-80g per day) and filling in the rest of my calories with good fat (~150g per day).

I'm 6'1, 155lbs, just under 10% body fat, and adding muscle much more easily since going Paleo.


on February 21, 2012
at 08:25 PM

Ashley, could we see a sample day of eating?


on February 07, 2012
at 12:09 PM

I would stick with roughly the same calories and see how you do for a week or two.

You can eat almost any number of calories and get into ketosis. The key to ketosis is keeping carbohydrates low enough to stay in active ketosis. (One reason that so many people like ketogenic diets is that they can eat more than standard calorie restriction).

The first week you will probably lose a good bit from water weight (that bloat may get you where you want to be!), so I'd do it for 2 weeks or so and then reassess. If you aren't losing or are losing too quickly, try adding 1-200 calories a week.


on February 07, 2012
at 11:42 AM

I'd actually go to IF at that point. Eat normally for maintenance and then one day a week just water fast.

That's a lot of protein by the way, and not really high fat - not that I count calories.



on February 07, 2012
at 06:15 AM

I would start at the same amount of calories and monitor weight loss then adjust from there. I would also lift weights if you are not already doing so and walk. Once you have been in ketosis for a few weeks you could get a metabolic assesment (such as newleaf) from a reputable trainer and use that as a tool to help.

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