LIPEDEMA ( lipoedema ) - healing a leaky lymphatic system ?

Answered on January 02, 2018
Created July 12, 2014 at 4:45 PM

Hello all,

I would like to rack your brains about lipedema ( or lipoedema )

This progressive fat disorder characterized by trunk-like fatty legs supposedly affects about 13% of women, which is huge, yet there seems to be only very recent interest in the matter.

From what I have read, it seems to be linked to a permeability of the lymph vessels, which allow lipid and fluid accumulation in the lower limbs and sometimes in the arms.

Also, I read more and more personal stories about people with lipedema dying from sepsis, which is extremely terrifying.

I would love to have an opinion on the matter from a paleo perspective if anyone has already looked into this, or even better, has managed to overcome and cure her/his own condition

( The only permanent treatment consists of laser assisted liposucction under local aneastesia, done mostly in germany. As for the only other option, it seems to be based on conservative therapies : manual lymphatic massage, wearing a high grade compression garnment 24/7, moderate exercise, balanced diet and supplements ( mostly selenium and butcher's broom or horsechesnut)

What do you think, can you "repair" a leaky lymphatic system with a primal diet, supplements and lifestyle ? Or is it impossible to reverse making either lifelong conservative approach or liposuccion the only viable solutions to avoid dangerous and life threatening complications ?

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on January 02, 2018
at 09:42 AM

Hi thanks for your question. I have no answers but I have the same question so am following this thread in hope as I also have been searching for information on any reversal of lipedema. For my self there have been things that have reduced the tissue water logging that is present in addition to the lipedema  in my legs herbs, Ayurvedic panchakarma but then as soon as I am back in daily life it all comes back. As I understand it the lip edema is a fat tissue disorder so it seems nothing can be done except remove the disordered fat deposits and keep the lymph around this fat flowing as well as possible with all the other methods. My question is what underlies the fat disorder? Is there an inherited mineral imbalance / deficiency? Is there a specific genetic gene mutation? But as you say if the body is massively supported by paleo and supplements can the condition reverse? Personally I don’t have an easy ride with supplements and easily tip into unpleasant stomach and digestive pains or detox symptoms. Any how I guess there is only one way to find out is keep trying anything that ones intuition is called to! Good luck to us! Thanks for the thread 


on January 27, 2015
at 10:17 AM

Yes Paleo but more specially Ketogenic is helping me. I think the the high fat intake increases the cell wall health and that combined with the water shed due to no glucose to hold the water in the cells. You need to drink a lot more water(something I would normally avoid) and watch your minerals and salts( I need more magnesium and sodium) but so far the BEST thing ever. Also the added benefit of the positive effect on brain neurotransmitters deals with any anxiety or depression. This has been brilliant all round for me so far.


on July 13, 2014
at 09:41 PM

Oh and also, I was wondering if calcification could be the cause of the damage there in the first place. I was recently told that my calcium levels are like 4 times above norm


on July 13, 2014
at 09:38 PM

Thanks Janknitz, I hadn't considered MCT

coconut oil doesn't work for me other than a teaspoon in cooking but pure MCT sounds like an excellent idea.

I already got rid of all polynsaturated oils, and other than those from fish and eggs and chicken liver, I don't think I am getting any.

And I was relying mostly on olive oil to carry around the fat soluble stuff

I don't have very many pounds to lose though, so I am really looking for a way to strengthen the lymphatic vessels, so that i could enjoy more meat and more food in general in the long run

Also could there be some kind of muscle leptin resistance involved in lipedema ? I was wondering about that...

And, considering a topical approach, are there any oils, essential oils or substances that could unclog the lymph from the outside, or soften hardened tissue, and help nourish the lymphatic vessels ?



on July 12, 2014
at 08:31 PM

Replace fats, especially polyunsaturated oils, with MCTs: http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?pid=S1413-35552008000100007&script=sci_arttext&tlng=en

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