Is there something as bad saturated fat? Or do we need to watch ratios between different kinds of saturated fats?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 30, 2010 at 7:03 PM

Is there something like bad saturated fat? Or, analogous to PUFA's, could there be somekind of ratio between different kind of saturated fats that is optimal?

I know the practical answer to my own question: eat animal fats from healthy animals and you don't need to obsess... Still, just something I was asking myself.

Thank you.

[edit: just to be sure, I love saturated fats, both for taste and health reasons]

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4 Answers


on March 31, 2010
at 10:03 AM

One could argue you should perhaps get more lauric acid than palmitic acid, quite a lot of butyric acid, and so on, but in general, if you just eat normal food you'll get an appropriate mix.



on March 31, 2010
at 01:23 AM

I know PaleoHacks users don't eat industrial hydrogenated oils, but it's important to remember why. Hydrogenation is another word for saturation. If hydrogenation were complete, it would result in a harmless mixture of 100% saturated oils. This doesn't happen, however. All industrial hydrogenation is partial, which results in a mixture of saturated, cis and trans fats ( http://ddr.nal.usda.gov/bitstream/10113/31170/1/CAIN709052065.pdf ). It's the infamous trans fats that are the most toxic, and they result from the partial hydrogenation of polyunsaturated vegetable oils. So the answer to your question is that saturated fat is bad when it is mixed with bad fats, such as trans and omega-6 fats.



on March 30, 2010
at 08:33 PM

Google Taubes NY Times piece- Big Fat Lie. Near the end of the 5 or 6th page he explains what happens to Saturated fat of a porterhouse when cooked. The whole piece was the foundation of his book Good Calorie Bad Calorie- a MUST read. Grass Fed Beef is the KEY as it is low in Omega 6s- a bad fat when in excess and since corn is in EVERYTHING- we all have way too much. That is tghe reason we take fish oil- to balance out the O6s with more O3s.

As I always tell people: FEAR the bread not the BUTTER.

With Burgers it s the fries that will kill you


on March 30, 2010
at 07:24 PM

There is nothing wrong with saturated fat.


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