Insanity Asylum with Paleo?

Answered on May 16, 2014
Created May 16, 2014 at 2:06 AM

Hi, I have recently started the Paleo diet (its been about a week) and I am starting the 30-day Insanity Asylum program soon. I have heard all these things about the necessity of carbs for high intensity workouts but it seems that if you use these carbs for fuel then you won't burn fat. Knowing that Paleo is pretty much a low-carb diet, if I do Insanity Asylum will I basically be running on fat. My goal is about 15 pounds of fat loss. I'm not too overweight, but would like to reach a point where my body looks cut. I would like to know if I will be on the right track by doing high intensity exercise (insanity asylum) with paleo diet or will this not result in fat loss.


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on May 16, 2014
at 01:29 PM

@Beshoy I've done all of the P90X workouts and the orginal Insanity with Paleo, and I have gotten amazing results. I actually got stronger while I was doing it, so I know I didn't lose muscle. I would ease into it and see how you feel, because I know Asylum is even more intense. If you find yourself lacking energy on days where you workout you could eat sweet potatoes, bananas and other starchy vegetables (parsnips and squash). I actually did intermittent fasting while doing Insanity and I had no problem.

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