How much sugar causes acne?

Asked on September 15, 2013
Created September 15, 2013 at 1:41 PM

I'm starting to become paranoid about what I eat...I mean I just started eat more healthy saturated fat and greatly limiting my omega 6 content, but still!

I have read the theories on how high GI foods cause acne from spiking insulin, but how long does it take this to happen. Doesn't it depend on the overall sugar and carb content of your diet.

I generally don't eat anything high GI, no soda, candies, fruit juice, milk, grains except brown rice, and nothing else really. I eat bananas sometimes.

But for example, sometimes I cave for smarties, yesterday I ate about 42g of sugar worth of smarties, but I hardly ever do that. Is that enough to disrupt my skin?

I'm just confused. If a person drank one soda everyday, is that going to give them acne? What determines someone's high insulin levels?

It stinks cause I feel guilty even really drinking juice...and I don't like that.

If an overall diet is low GI, then shouldn't you be good? Because someone with a high GI is probably getting most of their calories from carbs and sugar and not feeding their body at all.

I know everyone is different but I just don't know if I should worry about eating those smarties and avoid all sugar like the plague even bananas, or if I should have my juice and not worry.

Acne isn't just sugar alone!

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