How Much Fat Should I Consume?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 22, 2013 at 7:00 PM

I have been on a strict Paleo diet for about two months now. I weigh 195lbs at 6'4 and consider myself active but not very active. I feel as if I am eating too much fat due to the amount of nuts I am consuming because of a lack of snack ideas. What is a safe number, in grams, of fat I should/can consume a day without gaining weight and staying healthy? Thanks

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2 Answers


on May 22, 2013
at 07:06 PM

Fats are not inherently "fattening," though they will contribute to fat gain IF your caloric intake is much higher than needed for your baseline metabolism and your activity level. Do you have any sense of how many calories you're consuming? If not, try tracking that for a few days using a tool like cronometer and comparing it to one of the many tools online for estimating your caloric needs.

Beyond that, the only reason to reduce fat would be if you're not getting enough protein or carbohydrate to function well. Protein estimates are all over the map, but carbohydrate ones are easier: If you feel lethargic or fatigue easily, try upping carbohydrates a little -- if you're being strict, tubers and fresh fruit are your best bet.


on May 22, 2013
at 08:54 PM

If i were you... I wouldn't try to count fat or calories or anything. Just do what feels right. keeping track of fat... i'm just not an advocate of this.

since i don't know too much about your diet, i'm going to assume that it may be the nuts. depends on how much you're eating and what kind i guess.

Need more snack ideas? I like prunes, a meddly of barbecue meatballs, carrots, celery and grape tomatos little packets of almond butter (still nuts, i know) plain old carrots, chocolate bro

i think the best advice i can give is to think nutrient dense and eat until your satisfied. also, consider (like someone else said) how much carbs and protein you're eating. you might find that when you eat more protein, or more carbs OR even a little more fat, you feel satisfied and don't feel the need for snacks.

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