How do you like your bacon baconeaters?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created April 20, 2012 at 5:49 AM

I like to eat my bacon soft with the fat still white and visible, with the meat cooked, I hate bacon crispy/brown like most people seem to like it. Are there any of you who like it like that also? How do you guys like your bacon done?



on April 22, 2012
at 08:55 PM

I microwave it between several layers of paper towels to soak up the grease. I don't use bacon grease for anything and cooking it on the stovetop just makes a huge mess. 4-5min on high and it's perfect: semi-crisp but a little pliable.



on April 20, 2012
at 12:20 PM

Crispy here, but I'll eat it either way - even a little burned. Okay, even a lot burned!

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7 Answers



on April 20, 2012
at 12:53 PM

Both my kids (currently teenagers) like it like that. They think I "overcook" it when it's crispy.

I once (years ago!) found some raw bacon underneath my daughter's dresser (!!) that she had taken a bite out of and then discarded, but that's a different issue. A true WTF moment in parenting.


on April 20, 2012
at 02:17 PM

I lay mine out on a open rack with a baking pan underneath, I think it helps to drip some of the PUFA out, I cook it just below the smoke point, it's not chewy, but not crunchy either.



on April 20, 2012
at 01:44 PM

I broil mine (thick-cut) in a pan lined with foil to avoid stovetop splatters. Flip it once, cook it until it is browned, with a tiny bit of crispy char on the edges. The ideal piece is still uncooked enough to be floppy, but definitely not raw, with browned fatty bits. I'm starting to feel a baconcraving (one word) coming on just thinking about it. I may or may not be prone to taking the brown bits in the pan and stirring them into my scrambled eggs with some pasture-butter. Give me a side of some juicy, seasonal fruit, and you've got a perfect breakfast. I really don't like bacon that is super-crispy throughout and stiff as a board.



on April 20, 2012
at 01:21 PM

I prefer all of my meat cooked, the minimum possible.


on April 20, 2012
at 01:07 PM

My two favorite bacons:

1) roll thick-cut bacon (is there any other kind?) into a loose spiral, place it on its side in a cast-iron on med-high; repeat with the rest of your bacon until the pan is filled; use tongs to flip when the cooked edge is crispy and browned ... both sides get crispy, but the center is still soft and melty, and the bacon is rolled into convenient little "balls"

2) lay bacon at the bottom of a baking pan; layer halved Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or green of your choice on top; another layer of bacon; slap into a cold oven, crank it to 400??F, walk away for 20-25 minutes


on April 20, 2012
at 08:17 AM

Yup - I like mine that way too...just cooked!

I'm not a bad cook but for some reason I seem incapable of cooking crispy bacon anyhow.



on April 20, 2012
at 05:59 AM

Mmmm bacon.. Juicy, like you describe is great, a bit crispier and I'll use it as a spoon for runny egg yolks. Crisp bacon is great on salads... The only bacon I won't eat is bacon that's been burnt. I'll admit to occasionally eating a piece of 'raw' bacon too...

My butcher recently started doing a great lamb bacon and wild boar bacon- the boar is thick cut, so it's always slightly pliable. The lamb bacon is harder to cook- it's much smaller and the fat tries to separate from the meat.

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