Healthy dessert daily?

Answered on February 14, 2014
Created February 14, 2014 at 5:57 AM

I am a 16 yo female, 5' 5.5", around 110lb, 14% BF. I want to gain muscle and loose fat.

I workout every day, strength training (I love lifting weights) 5x a week and power yoga the other 2x. I also do HIIT or Conditioning work 3x a week.

I eat VERY healthy. I believe in a wholesome, nutrient filled, clean eating type of diet and lifestyle. I never eat out and LOVE to cook healthy at home.

Lately though I have been having lots of cravings for sweets. The past two weeks or so I have been satisfying to cravings with things like sweet potatoes, or "sweets" such as:

banana with honey and 100% chocolate

apple and nut butter

greek yogurt and honey

banana "icecream" with honey

healthy brownies made from pumpkin, squash, coconut flour, stevia/honey, 100 chocolate

Is this bad? I don't eat fruit or honey in the other parts of my day.



on February 14, 2014
at 07:00 PM

What you've typed indicates the possibility of an eating disorder and body-image issues. You are underweight. Your exercise routine is (maybe) quite intense. Your diet is tightly controlled. Your body-fat percentage is fairly low, yet you want to lose even more body fat.

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on February 14, 2014
at 07:11 PM

Pregnant women sometimes get lots of weird cravings, known as pica...

More likely, you ate more carbs than usual a few weeks ago. To satisfy the resulting cravings (which are a result of how carbs are absorbed, digested, and metabolized), you ate more carbs, which caused more cravings, which you had to satisfy by eating more carbs, etc.

Stop trying to feed the cravings (which will just make them worse) and stop eating so many carbs. The cravings will go away eventually. Depending on how much your carb intake has escalated, the cravings could be gone tomorrow or linger for a couple weeks.

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on February 14, 2014
at 05:57 PM

If you're on track with your goals and it doesn't affect you negatively, go ahead! If you're stalling, i would nix the honey and use stevia (nuntaurals alchohal free liquid or vitacoast liquid are the only palatable stevia) instead...and perhaps replace the fruit with berries if you're still stalling.


on February 14, 2014
at 04:36 PM

I like to do blueberries and (raw) honey with either homemade (raw) Kefir or store-bought Greek yogurt, and I typically have this pretty soon after I'm done working out.

If I have something sweet like that post workout I find I don't have cravings for anything carby/sweet later on, so you might like to not only give the recipe a try, but the strategy as well. A little sweet in the context of an otherwise high quality and energy balanced diet is absolutely fine.

Hope that helps :)


on February 14, 2014
at 04:28 PM

The apple and nut butter snack sounds quite healthy, the other ones have too much honey for my tastes. I do encourage you to use erythritol or stevia in place of sugars, if you must absolutely have something sweet. Still, even then your snacks are perfectly Paleo, so I strongly commend you for it; it can be quite a challenge to do so with all the junk out there being targeted at people in your age demographic. By the way, those brownies seem very healthy, I'm specifically referring to making them using stevia instead of honey, if so, I truly can't see anything wrong with them.

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on February 14, 2014
at 06:02 AM

Yes you are doing great. I'd say you eat better than 99.9% of 16 year olds. Those treats are mostly healthy. I might consider getting rid of the honey and subbing with brown rice syrup, but not a big deal if you aren't eating loads of it. You could teach my 17 y/o son some better habits.

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